Researchers patent SIDS detection device

Researchers patent SIDS detection device

UT Arlington researchers have obtained a patent for a device aimed at saving babies’ lives through improved and rapid detection of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Electrical Engineering Professor J.-C. Chiao, doctoral candidate Hung Cao, and Heather Beardsley, a research engineer at TMAC (Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center), have developed a sensitive wireless sensor system that can detect carbon dioxide exhaled by babies as they sleep. More importantly, the sensors know when infants are not expelling carbon dioxide—quickly enough to allow intervention.

“This has the chance to save lives,” says Dr. Chiao, who holds the Janet and Mike Greene and Jenkins Garrett professorships in the College of Engineering. “Our system is more accurate than current systems. Our system reduces false alarms that desensitize parents or caregivers.”

SIDS typically occurs in infants younger than a year old while the child is sleeping. Cases are classified as SIDS when there is no other explainable cause of death.

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Source: MavWire

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