MAKE magazine comes to SEL

Bringing ideas into reality with objects you have (or can get):  photolithography, cigar box guitars, Arduino circuit designs, scooters.  Things you actually touch (not concepts visualized on your mobile phone), using technology available.  Because you make stuff, it’s called the Maker Movement; but the creations are a lot more original than the name.

Makers are amateur tinkerers, electronics hobbyists, engineering students.  Projects ( ) are small, filling the little, interesting gaps in the world:  home automation, a pedometer with Web-enabled navigation, making cell phones into remote controllers, robots that perform useful tasks.  Makers exhibit and trade ideas at Maker Faires ( ; find “Maker Faire” on Facebook) and network informally.  Related activities are at Situ Studio ( ) and the MIT Media Lab ( ); but most Makers are proudly small-scale, often solo.  An article in VentureBeat ( ) explores the “next step” of venture capital, but it’s more useful as a description of the Maker Movement.

SEL’s subscription to MAKE magazine ( ) begins January 2013. MAKE features ideas of all kinds as well as covering Maker Faires.  It could be a source of undergraduate project ideas.  Unfortunately the Library can’t arrange an electronic subscription, so it will be in hard copy on the SEL periodical shelves.

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