Electrical engineering prof lands two major grants

Qilian Liang, an electrical engineering professor in the College of Engineering, has received grants from the Office of Naval Research and the National Science Foundation totaling more than $1.2 million.

The five-year, $797,500 ONR grant addresses a signal processing system that provides better information for radar even though it collects less data.

“When the Navy’s radar looks at a specific area, it takes into account everything in that area,” Dr. Liang says. “Much of that data isn’t needed for the system to come to a precise answer on what a radar system says is there. If you take in less data, it takes the system less time to make an informed decision.”

The three-year, $470,000 NSF grant is for developing a system in a cellphone that could automatically locate available space within a bandwidth, reducing or eliminating “dead spots” in coverage.

“In the wireless network industry, bandwidth is everything,” says Liang, who has been at UT Arlington since 2002. “The system I’m developing shows where the room is in a bandwidth.”

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Source: MavWire

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