Week of January 11th, 2010

West & Mitchell Drainage Corrections

Over the winter break, the University started the West and Mitchell  Street intersection drainage correction project. Flooding in this intersection, during even a minor rain event, has been an ongoing problem for years. With the installation of new inlets and drainage lines this intersection shouldn’t flood in the future under normal conditions.

Phase I of the project consisted of getting the new line across West Street, Student Lot 47 and Mitchell Street. It will be completed before classes start to prevent any traffic flow problems.

Phase II of the project will start January 23rd. It will consist of running the line from Mitchell to Johnson Creek.

If you have any questions please contact Jeff Johnson 817-272-3232


Ransom Hall Renovations

There will be a complete renovation of all three floors of Ransom Hall. These renovations will create the new University College which houses Advising, Counseling, University Studies, Student Support Services, Cost Sharing, Supplemental Instruction, McNair Scholars Program and Student Success Programs.

Construction Timeline:

February-August 2010

The entire building will be closed during renovation and the area will be secured with fencing.

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