Week of February 1st, 2010

West & Mitchell Drainage Corrections


This project has been completed.


Parking Lot 50 & 51 Expansion

The contractor is currently working on the expansion of two of the South student parking lots. Once this project is completed in mid March it will provide an additional exit and entrance on Grand Ave. The expansion will create 138 additional student parking spaces.

Construction Timeline:

Currently-Mid March


Addition of New Parking Lot

Construction started last week on a new student parking lot at the intersection of Doug Russell and Pecan Street. Once completed the new parking lot will provide 166 spaces for student parking.


Parking Lot 49 Redesign

Weather permitting, Parking Lot 49 will be redesigned over Spring Break.  Modifications to Doug Russell will be made to allow for a right and left turn lane onto Cooper to improve traffic flow and reduce accidents. We are estimating 235 additional spaces for student parking once this lot is completed.


Fine Arts Music Restrooms

The first floor mens and ladies restrooms are scheduled to be upgraded over the semester. These renovations will address ADA issues and create better utilization of the space.


Campus Fire Door Replacement

Campus fire door replacement is underway and we are currently working on Texas Hall, Carlise Hall and Geoscience.

Construction Timeline:

Currently-March 31st

Woolf Hall scheduled to start April 2010 and completed June 2010

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