Week of February 22, 2010

Pecan Street Overhead and Storm Line Project – Starting Phase One

Phase one will require closing 30 of the 127 spaces in the LCN lot.  With the completion of the SEC Utility project the 24 spaces behind Lipscomb are now useable for  students.  We will also be installing temporary signage blocking of a row for Residence hall parking in lot 45 (south side of Lipscomb) during this phase of the project.

All building entrances will remain open during the project.   The scope of this phase will include installation of the communications duct bank in front of the building and the storm water line from the back of the building to Pecan Street.

Construction Timeline:

March 1st-Week of Spring Break

(weather permitting)


Tree Debris Removal

The tree debris removal on campus will continue this week. The outlying areas, such as parking lots , still have debris to be removed and we have begun that process. After the debris has been picked up Grounds will concentrate on the broken limbs still in trees and cleaning up the limbs that were broken in the storm.

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