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Week of March 22, 2010

Parking Lots 45 & 49 Update

The changes in Parking Lots 45 & 49 have been completed and are ready for returning students.


Parking Lots 51 & 56 Update

These two lots are not scheduled for completion until March 31st, but the pavement and curb work is completed. The lots still need striping and general cleanup.


Speer Street Update

Speer street was completed late Friday night. This area still needs some cleanup but the street is open for traffic as of this morning.


City of Arlington Update

The city contractor completed the storm line and sidewalk Friday. They will be finishing up the punch list this week and closing out the project.


Pecan Street Overhead Lines/ Storm Line Installation Update

The new storm line is in place from the park area up the corner of Pecan and 3rd Street. The communications duck bank is completed from 4th Street to about half the next block  allowing the contractor to get off the Lipscomb site. Final cleanup should be done today.

Week of March 17th, 2010

Pecan Street Overhead Lines/ Storm Line Installation Update

The contractor is working on the installation of the 4 x 6 drainage line on the north side of Lipscomb Hall.

Construction Timeline:

Work should be completed along the north of Lipscomb by March 22nd


Speer Street Update

The contractor has completed the curb installation and is working on the final grade and base installation.

Construction Timeline:

Asphalting is scheduled to start Thursday to allow the street to be completed and ready for use by Monday, March 22nd


City of Arlington Update

The line is installed across Mitchell Street and the contractor is in the process of framing for the new sidewalks and doing the final patch across Mitchell Street.

Construction Timeline:

The goal is to have the entire intersection open no later than Monday, March 22nd for returning students.


Parking Lot 49 / Doug Russell Street Changes Updates

The city has completed the installation on the “no parking signage” along Doug Russell to help with the traffic flow.  The seal coating of  lot 49 is underway.  As soon as the seal coating is completed the re-striping of the lot and the turn arrows on Doug Russell will be completed.


Parking Lot 45 Update

The concrete work is scheduled today along with some additional patch work in the lot.  We will be re-striping  this lot in order to increased parking
and eliminate the need for any overflow parking into lot 53 next fall saving commuter spaces.


Parking Lot 51 and 56

New Lot 56 on Pecan Street at Johnson Crossing will add 116 spaces.

Lot 51 will be expanded to add 79 spaces.

Construction Timeline:

These two lots are moving along as scheduled. They should be finished some time toward the end of March as scheduled.


Parking Lot 50

Lot 50 has been expanded to add 50 additional spaces.The expansion is complete, with some minor landscaping to still be completed.

Week of March 8th, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Parking Lot Improvements

Lot 49: Seal coat, re-stripe and rework Doug Russell Intersection

Lot 45: Crack fill, Seal coat, re-stripe and install gate islands

CEWFD Center: Clean lot and re-stripe

YWCA Day Care: Clean and re-stripe

Nedderman Drive from Greek Row to Cooper: Re-stripe

Contractors will continue working on the parking Lot 51 expansion and the new lot 56 located at Pecan & Doug Russell for a completed date no later than March 31, 2010.

Construction Timeline:

Work will start Monday March 15, 2010 weather permitting

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