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Week of April 26th, 2010

Trimble/Hammond Hall

Starting the morning of Tuesday, May 18th Facilities Management will be replacing a existing utility line and the sidewalk entering within  the west  breezeway of the buildings.  The entrance into the breezeway coming from the west side of campus ( Library) will be closed during this period of time.  Both the north and east entrances into the common area breezeway will remain open at all times.   Anyone coming from the west can use the sidewalk between Trimble and the parking garage or walk around the corner and enter from the north.  The scope of work includes the replacement of a utility line, building waterproofing and the installation of a  entirely new sidewalk into this breezeway.  It will be a quick paced project and hopefully completed within a week at the longest. Signage will go out Monday May 17th, 2010.


Arlington Hall-Update

The contractor has blocked off the row of parking and will start crossing  the parking lot in the morning.   During this phase of work, students are being re-directed to cross at Third Street and Pecan.   As soon as we can, the Second Street crossing will  re-open.  There will be an  opening in the fence for crossing at Pecan and Second Street allowing  Arlington Hall’s move out to be unaffected by this project. Signage has been installed at both Second and Third Streets directing students.


Parking Lot 43-Update

The contractor is in the process of cleaning up the block from Third Street to Second Street and the majority of the spaces out of service will be returned to student parking.  The spaces on the east side of the lot (7-11 area) will return to student parking in the morning.


Parking Lot 40-Update

Once Spring classes end, the front east side of  Lot 40 will be closed for construction and a staging area.  At this time all materials and equipment will be removed from the Lipscomb site to allow Hunt Construction to move onto the site in Mid-May. The western side of the lot will remain open for Summer School Students to use or for UC special functions.

Week of April 12th, 2010

Pecan Street Overhead Update

We will be moving to Phase Three of the Pecan Street Project, Monday, April 19th.    Phase Three involves closing the Intersection at Pecan and Second and the first row of parking in the Arlington Hall lot. The intersection will only be closed for a few days, the row of parking could be closed for 10 days depending on weather.  Overflow parking will be allowed in lot 43 during this period if the Arlington Hall lot is full.  Signage will be placed at both entrances into the lot to notify students.

To insure students safety the entire construction site will be fenced off with chain link fencing secured to the pavement.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ransom Hall Update

Construction continues and is currently scheduled for completion by June 30, 2010.

The departments will be moving into the building for occupancy the week of July 12, 2010.

Week of March 29th, 2010

Phase Two Pecan Street Project

Over the weekend the contractor will be installing fencing from 3rd Street to 2nd Street. In lot 43 the first and second rows of parking will be closed for the entire week. This will be about 50 spaces closed. At the end of this phase we will re- open 25 spaces.

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