Week of May 24th, 2010

Pecan Street Overhead Project Update

The contractor has completed all the work on the east side of Pecan Street and will start the bores across Pecan today, the first crossing will be at the bookstore drive entrance. Arrangements have been made for anyone visiting the bookstore to use the Oak Street or the First Street entrances, overflow parking will allowed in lot 39, signage is going up to let visitors know.

The second bore will be at Third and Pecan closing Third Street from Pecan to Oak Street. The third bore will be at Pecan and Fourth Street for the UTA communications connection to the SEC and College Park. Pecan Street will remain open during this entire process.

Third Street has been closed to all vehicle traffic, alone with parking lots LCN, 42, and 43. Second Street will close later this week , Arlington Hall parking will need to use the Center Street entrance. (signage in place)

Hunt Construction has started delivery of the construction trailers and will start fencing the site Tuesday, June 1st if not earlier.

We’re in the process of laying out the new sidewalk design in front of Lipscomb Hall to complete our work alone this pathway.

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