Week of July 16, 2010

Pecan Street Project Update

• Oncor is on site pulling wire and will remain on site until the project and all equipment is in place. They started on Oak and are working toward Pecan.
•AT&T is on site pulling fiber, they started at Lipscomb and are working south.
•Time Warner has completed pulling fiber and are currently making the connections at both ends.
•MCI Business will start on Monday pulling wire down Pecan St. to Lipscomb.
•All the concrete patching/repairs have been completed that can be at this point.
•Lipcomb’s courtyard and street curb approach is being re-landscaped.
•The two new drainage inlets have been completed on the east side of Third Street.
•The new lighting piers have all been completed and the new lights will be going up toward the end of next week.
•The 6″ water line for College Park will start on Monday. Three rows of parking will then be restored.
-The Arlington Hall walkway from the parking lot will also be re-poured.

Pecan Street will be open , but it will be lined with contractor trucks and equipment.

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