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Week of August 30, 2010

Oak Street Closure

The City of Arlington will be closing the southern end of Oak Street from the Parking Lot entrance of lot 38 to First Street. The closure with be for a couple of hours on Friday, September 3rd to address a maintenance issue with the street. This closure will not affect coming and going out of lot 38, drivers will just need to come and go from UTA Blvd for a couple of hours.

Week of August 23, 2010

Window Cleaning

We will have window cleaning taking place across campus at various buildings for the next 3 weeks. Cones and barricades will be around the contractors if they are in a walk way.


Parking Lots and West Street Improvements

•Lot 47 – Pavement, Lighting and sidewalk completed. Landscaping is being completed today.

•Lot 38 – Pavement, Fencing and Lighting completed. Greenbelt landscaping scheduled during September 2010.( will be mulched until then)

•Gates Installations at F-13 and Arlington Lot 39 completed, Mav Express will be operational and tested by 8/26/2010.

•West Street Bridge – Improvements and handrail modifications will be completed by 8/25/10.

•Lipscomb Hall Parking – Contractor has completed trenching and made pavement repairs. Parking spaces re-opened.

•West Street Bus Stop – Curb cut and bus stop re-location has been completed. Landscaping completed

•Bus Stops – Bus Stops for lot 56 and the St. Maria Lot are being modified expected installation TBD.

•Library ADA Parking – Project completed , Sign Shop is installing one additional sign (we gained one ADA space)

•Parking lot repairs in F-10, 30 and Lot 26 have been completed. Sign Shop painting the new bollards and equipment.

•Parking Meters – Oak Street meters have been installed (16) and all signage upgraded to reflect the new hours of operation.


Campus Signage

•Exterior Signage Parking Lots – Contractor is on campus today and Wednesday installing the new panel signage on all the parking lot entrances.

•Street Signage Upgrade – Contractor is on campus working with the Sign Shop on the replacement of out of code signage and addressing remaining damaged poles and bollards.

•Cooper Street Bridge Banners – Install scheduled to start tonight at 11:15 p.m. ( some minor painting will also be done)


Fine Arts Electrical Outage-RE-SCHEDULED TIME

Facilities Management has an electrical contractor working in the southwestern corner of the building addressing some electrical corrections and adding additional service to the area. The work will involve an electrical outage of just this area of the building. We had hoped to complete this project before classes, but couldn’t because of equipment shipping delays.

The outage is schedule for Saturday, September 4th and will only involve the Communications offices, classrooms and the old studio area on the 1st floor within this area. This outage will not affect Music, Theater or the Art Department.

Week of August 9th, 2010

Arlington Hall Parking Lot

The Arlington Hall lot will be repaired and the new entrance for students directly from Pecan vs. Center Street will be completed. Minor re-striping is scheduled for Saturday August 14th. College Park Phase One will be fenced off by the time students arrive on campus. The re-designed lot has 313 spaces.

Before construction started the Arlington Hall Lot had 409 spaces. With the re-design due to construction the lot was reduced by 96 spaces. Lot 39 directly to the north of Arlington Hall has been assigned to housing during construction for overflow parking. This lot has 119 spaces.

Overall Housing gained 23 spaces during construction.

We will have signage in place directing students to the overflow lot which will be gated.

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