Week of November 22, 2010

College Park Center Project Site

An early morning concrete pour has been scheduled at the Main Concourse #3 and Upper Level #1 slabs at the College Park Center project site for Wednesday, November 24, 2010 at 12:00am midnight. We will begin with the placement of the Main Concourse #3 slab at 12:00am midnight with the concrete trucks entering and exiting Gate #1 off Pecan Street. Once this slab is completed, we will move the concrete pump to the Northeast corner of the site to place the slab at Upper Level #1. The concrete for this placement will enter the site from Gate #2 off Pecan and exit the site at Gate #3 onto Center Street. The order of the pours and the routing of the concrete trucks have been scheduled this way to minimize the noise imposed on our neighbors at Center Street and make it later in the morning in lieu of midnight. The concrete pour is being made early to help prevent the numerous concrete trucks from interfering with the University traffic on Wednesday.

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