Week of March 14, 2011

TEP Chiller

Chiller #2 in the Thermal Energy Plant is currently being disassembled. The chiller was sold to a scrap metal dealer via an internet auction.  In order to remove the large machine, the buyer will have several large trucks outside the TEP to gather the pieces. This will take 2-3 days and will close 3rd St from West St to Oak St (south side of TEP and Health Center) and West St from 4th St to 3rd St (west side of Business Bldg). On Tuesday March 15th a truck will be loaded at 1pm.  We do not anticipate a need for a road closing (only flag men). On Thursday March 17th and Friday March 18th the street will be closed off at 10:00 am for the day till 4:00 pm (on both Thursday and Friday).  We will load out 20 trucks on Thursday and 2-trucks on Friday.

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