Week of August 15, 2011

Electrical Outage – Pickard Hall Sunday, August 21st

As part of the recent electrical outage to connect the new emergency generator to the building we also did some long over-due maintenance and electrical inspections of the building systems.  On Sunday, August 21st there will be a short 15 minute outage to switch transformers.  The contractor has requested the outage to be in the morning around 9:00 a.m. Building users need to turn off computers, printers and any other equipment that could be at risk due to the outage.


Duct Bank Completion

Facilities Management is working on the Duct bank installation across Lipscomb Hall South to complete the loop for the DAS System and fiber run to College Park.  Two lanes of parking are blocked off in the Lipscomb Lot.  Spaces will reopen sometime Saturday, August 20th depending on weather.


Hammond / Trimble Hall Roof Replacement

The roofs on Hammond Halll and Trimble Hall are being replaced with a certified green roof. The project is underway and should be completed no later than Saturday, August 20th.


Social Work A – Carpet Replacement  (Hallways Only)

All three floors in Social Work Building A will be re-carpeted and new carpet base will be installed. The project will be complete no later than Wednesday, August 23th.


Trimble Hall Carpet Replacement – Selected Classrooms

Classrooms B1, B2, and B3 in Trimble Hall will be re-carpeted and new base will be installed. The project will be complete by Friday, August 12th.

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