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Texas Hall temporary closure, electrical outage starts next Monday

Texas Hall will be closed for electrical updates starting Monday, Dec. 15. The closure is expected to last three or four days.

The entire building will be without electrical service, and emergency power will not be on.

For questions, contact Toby Buhrkuhl at 972-832-1490 or Jeff Johnson at 817-798-8456.

Restroom facilities to close in some buildings

In order to replace a major campus sewer line, all restroom facilities will be closed Monday, Dec. 15-Sunday, Jan. 4, in the Chemistry and Physics Building, Chemistry Research Building, Geoscience Building, and Science Hall.

Research labs and departmental break rooms will not be affected. Winter intersession courses in these buildings have been moved, except for one in Science Hall that cannot be relocated.

Restroom facilities nearby are in Carlisle Hall, Hammond Hall, Nedderman Hall, Preston Hall, Ransom Hall, Trimble Hall, and Woolf Hall.

Expect limited access on the east/west mall between the Chemistry and Physics Building, Trimble Hall, Chemistry Research Building, and Central Library.

For questions, contact Jeff Johnson at 817-798-8456.

Winter break 2014: Electrical Outage and clean refrigerator

Plan now to accommodate an electrical outage Friday, Jan. 2-Saturday, Jan. 3.

Facilities Management has scheduled the outage to complete major electrical updates in Davis Hall, Fine Arts Building (Main Stage Theatre only), Central Library, Life Science Building, Physical Education Building, Preston Hall, Science Hall, Smart Hospital, Texas Hall, Trinity House, and University Hall.

For those buildings with emergency generators, power will be supplied to support egress lighting, life safety, UTA Police dispatch, and all research facilities currently connected to the generator. All buildings will remain locked during this time.

To prevent any possible damage, Facilities Management recommends turning off all electronic equipment in the offices including computers, scanners, and copiers before leaving for the winter break. These devices do not need to be unplugged from their electrical outlets.

All refrigerators/freezers should be cleaned out before leaving for the winter break.

If you have questions or concerns, special requirements during this time, or newly established research that must retain power, contact either Toby Buhrkuhl at 972-832-1490 or Jeff Johnson at 817-798-8456.

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