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Week of July 26th, 2010 Update

Pecan Street Overhead Line Project

Ark Contracting has completed their original scope of work and is currently de-mobilizing from the site.

Parking Lots and Street Improvements

• Lot 47 South – Lot will be ready for student parking no later than Tuesday August 10th, including the installation of the new code blue stations. The landscaping is scheduled to be done before classes start and the new lighting is operational for the new pathway.

• Lot 47 North – Lot will be closed Saturday and Sunday for re-striping, lot will reopened for students Monday morning.

• Lot 38 – The demo crew along with two concrete crews will start in the morning, with a scheduled completion no later than August 20th.

• West Street Improvements – The drainage valley and the ADA ramps have been poured and the street striping is currently under way. This block of West Street will re-open sometime over the weekend.

• Seal Coating Projects – 1st Street and 3rd Street have been completed and are scheduled for striping in the morning, streets will be open to traffic sometime Saturday afternoon.

• Parking Meter Installations – Adding 12 visitors meters on Oak Street from 4th to Mitchell the 12 spaces will be striped but the meters won’t be installed till later in the month.

• Parking Gates /West Street Bus Stop/Misc Repairs- Once the concrete crews complete their work on lot 38, they will move to the gate entrance(s) at F-13 and lot 39. They will also address repairs in lots 26, 30 and F-10 then move to the West Street Shuttle Station.

Week of July 26th, 2010

West Street Closure

West Street from Mitchell to Nedderman Drive will be closed this Thursday starting at 9:00 a.m. The street will not re-open until late Sunday afternoon. This closure will allow us the time needed to install new ADA ramps and replace the concrete drainage valley which is poor condition because of past flooding and heavy traffic on this street. During this closure anyone needing into Parking Lot F-10 should use Nedderman Drive and turn right on to West street up to the parking lot entrance. Students needing into Parking Lot 47 should use Nedderman Drive or 4th Street during this period. We will have signage on the barricades at West and Mitchell.

Week of July 19, 2010

Parking Lot Striping

The following Parking Lots will be closed for striping.

Sunday July 25th- Lot 26 & all around the stadium

Monday July 26th-Westel Compound and Buses/Tower Trailer in Lot 27

Tuesday July 27th-Saturday July 31-All Crosswalks, Campus wide

Sunday, August 1st- Lot 47 (only north concrete area)

Monday, August 2nd- West/3rd/Oak -Street Parking & New Meter Parking Spaces on Oak Street at KC Hall

Week of July 16, 2010

Pecan Street Project Update

• Oncor is on site pulling wire and will remain on site until the project and all equipment is in place. They started on Oak and are working toward Pecan.
•AT&T is on site pulling fiber, they started at Lipscomb and are working south.
•Time Warner has completed pulling fiber and are currently making the connections at both ends.
•MCI Business will start on Monday pulling wire down Pecan St. to Lipscomb.
•All the concrete patching/repairs have been completed that can be at this point.
•Lipcomb’s courtyard and street curb approach is being re-landscaped.
•The two new drainage inlets have been completed on the east side of Third Street.
•The new lighting piers have all been completed and the new lights will be going up toward the end of next week.
•The 6″ water line for College Park will start on Monday. Three rows of parking will then be restored.
-The Arlington Hall walkway from the parking lot will also be re-poured.

Pecan Street will be open , but it will be lined with contractor trucks and equipment.

Week of July 12th, 2010

UTA Blvd Closure

UTA Blvd is closed to allow the new lighted crossway to be installed. The street will remain closed until the new pavers and lighting system is installed, approximately 2-3 weeks. Barricades and signage have been installed.


Pecan Street Status

Ark contracting is completing the street patching on 3rd Street, and is cleaning up the site. They will start the water line installation for College Park this week. After the water line installation the Arlington Hall parking lot surface will be restored for use in August.

Sidewalk repairs at 2nd & Pecan have been completed.

The Bookstore Parking Lot is back in operation.

UTA Electric shop is working on the new lighting installations for Pecan Street.

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