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Week of May 31st, 2010

Library-3rd Floor Update

Temporary cones will be placed in front of the motorcycle parking spaces during the week of June 21st for the furniture move back. Vehicles will still be able to access Planetarium Place during the week. The dumpster will still be in the same place until the end of that week.


MAC Building

On June 2nd, construction started in the MAC Lobby to create new offices for the New Maverick Orientation and Off Campus Mavericks. In addition to the newly constructed offices there will be a new computing area in the main lobby as well as social areas on the 1st and 2nd floors for student use. The project is scheduled for a mid-August completion.

Week of May 24th, 2010

Pecan Street Overhead Project Update

The contractor has completed all the work on the east side of Pecan Street and will start the bores across Pecan today, the first crossing will be at the bookstore drive entrance. Arrangements have been made for anyone visiting the bookstore to use the Oak Street or the First Street entrances, overflow parking will allowed in lot 39, signage is going up to let visitors know.

The second bore will be at Third and Pecan closing Third Street from Pecan to Oak Street. The third bore will be at Pecan and Fourth Street for the UTA communications connection to the SEC and College Park. Pecan Street will remain open during this entire process.

Third Street has been closed to all vehicle traffic, alone with parking lots LCN, 42, and 43. Second Street will close later this week , Arlington Hall parking will need to use the Center Street entrance. (signage in place)

Hunt Construction has started delivery of the construction trailers and will start fencing the site Tuesday, June 1st if not earlier.

We’re in the process of laying out the new sidewalk design in front of Lipscomb Hall to complete our work alone this pathway.

Week of May 17th, 2010

Street Closures

We will be closing Third Street as of 3:00 p.m. today May 18th. We will be closing Second Street tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. The streets will not re-open to traffic.


Pecan Street Overhead Project Update

The project is moving along as scheduled. We will have lots of activity all along Pecan Street and the related parking lots scheduled for next week. We are currently up to the First Baptist Church property and are preparing to install the final manhole on the east side of Pecan before crossing over to the Bookstore site. Listed below is brief summary of activities.

•Parking Lots LCN, 42 and 43 will be closed permanently.
•Third Street will be closed permanently to traffic from Center Street to Pecan.
•Second Street will be closed permanently to traffic from Center Street to Pecan ***
•FBC Student Center will be without electrical service Tuesday, May 18th from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
•Third Street from Oak Street to Pecan Street will be closed from May 18th to May 24th to allow for boring across Pecan Street.
•The old 39″ storm line crossing LCN will be removed and the site will be prepared for Hunt Construction to mobilize toward the end of the week.
•In front of Lipscomb Hall the contractor will be boring across Pecan to the UTA communications duct bank on the west side of the street at 4th Street.
•UTA’s Plumbing Shop will be completing the gas line installation across the front of the lawn of Lipscomb, once this is completed the sidewalk will be replaced restoring the appearance of this area.
•The contractor will have all materials moved from the SEC site no later than Tuesday, May 18th.
•The Hunt Construction trailers will start arriving toward the end of next week.

We are currently working with the Bookstore Management to finalize the parking lot crossing, currently it appears that this will occur the first week of June.

Parking Lot 40 and the Arlington Hall lot will be used for student orientation and events at the University Center. All students and visitors should use the Center Street entrance into these lots, new signage is going up to assist with directions to this entrance next week.

***Access to Arlington Hall Lot will be off of Center Street until this lot closes in August 2011 for the next phase of construction.

Week of May 10th, 2010

Re-carpet 3rd Floor of Business Building

Facilities Management will be re-carpeting the entire 3rd floor from the front of the elevators to the vending machine area. Re-carpeting is scheduled for Saturday May 15th. If at all possible please refrain from accessing the area while work is going on.


Trimble/Hammond Hall – Utility Line and Sidewalk Replacement Project

Starting the morning of Tuesday, May 18th Facilities Management will be replacing a existing utility line and the sidewalk entering within the west  breezeway of the buildings.  The entrance into the breezeway coming from the west side of campus ( Library) will be closed during this period of time.  Both the north and east entrances into the common area breezeway will remain open at all times.   Anyone coming from the west can use the sidewalk between Trimble and the parking garage or walk around the corner and enter from the north.

The scope of work includes the replacement of a utility line, building waterproofing and the installation of a  entirely new sidewalk into this breezeway.  It will be a quick paced project and hopefully completed within a week at the longest.  Signage and a final notice will go out Friday , May 14th, 2010

Week of May 3rd, 2010

Fine Arts Restroom

Facilities Management will be renovating the restrooms on the 1st floor of the  Fine Arts Building – Music Department. Restrooms will be completely renovated and will included ADA corrections. We will close both restrooms on Monday May 17th.


Pecan Street Upcoming

Scope of work for the next three weeks:

·         The contractor is scheduled to run the new fire line for College Park from Second Street to First Street.

·         Starting sometime next week the contractor will close the western end of Lot 40 for crossing and to prepare for boring across Pecan to the Bookstore parking lot.  Students will need to enter Lot 40  from Center Street (signage is in place).

·         The contractor will be returning to the Third Street intersection to bore across Pecan.  The contractor will complete a  4’ wide duct bank for Oncor and AT&T from Pecan Street to Oak Street.   Third Street from Pecan Street to Oak Street will be closed during this time period.

·         Once the boring is completed and the “buy back” period for books is completed  at the Bookstore, the contractor will bore across the parking lot to UTA Boulevard.

·         As the duct bank project comes to a close, we will need to return to Lipscomb Hall and bore across Pecan to the Fourth Street communication vault to connect to the campus system for the SEC and College Park.

Our short-term priority is to get off the SEC site to allow Hunt to move onto the site after May 17th.


Pecan Street Overhead Project -Update

The contractor is scheduled to be across the Arlington Hall parking lot with the two duct banks by the end of the day on Friday, May 7th.    They have temporarily patched both street cuts at Second Street and Third Street to prevent any storm water or safety issues.  They are scheduled to work on cleaning up the Lipscomb site and the two blocks between Fourth and First Streets.  The pathway is clear for students moving out of Arlington Hall over the weekend and the first part of next week.


Library-3rd Floor

Facilities Management will be renovating the third floor of the library from May 17th-July 2nd. We will be installing a fire sprinkler system throughout the floor. Renovations will include replacing ceiling tiles, installing new light fixtures, painting walls and installing new flooring.

The space will become a quiet floor for students to study and use the periodicals. The offices and the library classroom will remain.

During construction there will be a fenced exterior staging area on the southeast corner of the building. There will be a waste dumpster placed on the west side of Planetarium Place. Temporary cones will be placed in front of the motorcycle parking spaces during the weeks of May 17th, and June 28th.  Vehicles will still be able to access Planetarium Place during all phases of construction.

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