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University Hall, Library & Water Line Site Plan

Library Second Floor

Project Dates: May 16-Aug 12

Project Coordinator: Rob Luke

University Hall Room 108

Project Dates: May 14-July 31

Project Coordinator: Robert Hanlon

Water Line Project

Phase I: April 18-May 12

Phase II: May 13-May 31

Phase III: June 1-June 16

Project Coordinator: Jeff Johnson

TD Industries (Energy Conservation Project)

January-June 3

Project Coordinator: Larry Harrison

University Hall, Library & Water Line Site Plan

Notes by Symbol:

1. Library Dumpster Locations

June 6-July 20

2. Motorcycle Parking Blocked From:

May 16-June3

July 21-August12

3. Library Contractor Staging Area:

May 16-August 12

4. University Hall Dumpster Location:

May 14-July 31

5. University Hall Contractor Staging Area:

May14-July 31

6. University Hall Intermittent Work Area:

Used as Needed

7. Fenced in Area for VAV Boxes

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