40 Best Career Counselor Blogs for the New Graduate

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Transitioning from college into full-time work is rarely an easy journey. There’s a lot to learn about office culture, time management, keeping jobs and even about what you really want out of a career. With so much to learn and take in, many new grads find themselves looking for a little help and guidance to make things make a little bit more sense as they learn the ropes. These blogs we’ve compiled here can do just that. Filled with career advice, tips from counselors and coaches and information on how to find a dream job, they’re sure to become frequent reading material for workforce newbies.    




General Career Advice

These blogs touch on a range of career topics and are great starting places for any confused grad looking for guidance.    

  1. Boston Career Counselor Blog: Get some free career counseling that will help you whip your resume into shape, ace an interview and network your way into a new job. Recommended Post: “Networking: How to Work the Room.”
  2. CareerRealism: This blog is an excellent place to look for information that will help you find a job and build a strong foundation for your future career. Recommended Post: “10 Things Recruiters Won’t Tell You but I Will.”
  3. Jobacle: If you’re a new grad, you’re probably pretty new to the working world. On this blog, you’ll find career advice that can help you get started and make you a better employee. Recommended Post: “7 Great Online Resources for Students.”
  4. Position Ignition: Position Ignition covers a wide range of career advising issues, from helping workers develop their careers more fully to launching a successful job search. Recommended Post: “Six steps for first-time job hunters.”
  5. Lindsey Pollack: If you’re looking for expert advice on work tailored to your Gen Y sensibilities, you’ll find it here. Focusing on technology, Lindsey Pollack shows grads how to leverage their internet-savvy to find great jobs. Recommended Post: “Getting Started on LinkedIn: Advice for Recent Grads.”
  6. Career Bright: If you’re looking to have a bright career ahead of you (and who isn’t), this blog may be a good place to start looking for advice. It contains posts on everything from adapting to a new workplace to what tools to use to land your very first job. Recommended Post: “Good News for Job Hunters: Where to Look for Employment Opportunities.”
  7. Corn on the Job: You’ll find no-nonsense commentary on everything work and career-related on Rich’s blog, from dealing with stupid interview questions to actually keeping that job once you’ve scored it. Recommended Post: “A Creative Way to Use Twitter Lists to Get Hired.”
  8. Career Rocketeer: Learn how to write a better resume, use online networking tools, manage your career and a whole lot of other very useful things on this career advice and guidance site. Recommended Post: “150+ Experts on Twitter ALL Job Seekers MUST Follow.”
  9. Employment Digest: Geared towards young job hunters, this site offers a wealth of information that can act like your own personal career counseling resource. Recommended Post: “Find a Mentor to Help Further Your Career.”
  10. WorkBloom Blog: Learn how to turn your first job from just being a way to make money into a lifelong career with the help of this advice-filled blog. Recommended Post: “Finding Jobs in a Down Economy.”

Outside the Box

Check out these blogs for career advice that’s a bit different from the norm, encouraging graduates to get away from the old standbys and find innovative, meaningful work.    

  1. Escape from Corporate America: Does a future of working within a corporation sound just awful to you? Check out this blog for advice on taking the skills you have and using them to find work that truly ignites your passion. Recommended Post: “10 Ways to Stay Sane in a Horrible, Horrible Job.”
  2. Work Happy Now!: So many people are miserable at their jobs, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be, too. Read this blog for career advice that will help you work happier and healthier, whether you’re at the entry level or headed for management. Recommended Post: “How to Overcome a Lack of Confidence.”
  3. The 9 to 5 Alternative: If you’re not the type who would thrive in the 9-to-5 environment, find career advice and inspiration on this blog that can help you start your own business, work from home or loads of other non-traditional options. Recommended Post: “Off Campus Ideas with Mark Sawyier.”


Job Hunting

  1. One Day, One Job: Not sure what kind of work you want to do? This blog lists a different entry-level job each day, as well as helpful posts on a wide range of career issues. Recommended Post: “Top 10 College Career Services Blogs.”
  2. TheJobBored: Get career advice, job search help and tips and tools to get ahead at work on this productivity-focused site. Recommended Post: “Busting The One Page Resume Myth.”
  3. The Monster Blog: Monster.com offers this blog filled with tips on finding work and keeping it. Recommended Post: “The “Elephants” in the Job Interview: Handling Difficult (but Impossible to Ignore) Topics.”
  4. Career Jockey: Finding your first job after college might be rough, but sites like this one can help. Readers will find articles that focus on career-building topics perfect for anyone just starting out or starting over. Recommended Post: “Without Written Goals, You’re Alice in Wonderland.”
  5. The Job Stalker: Grads can find all kinds of amazing tips on job hunting from this useful blog. Recommended Post: “Some “superific” networking …
  6. The Job Quest: Finding a job post-graduation can be nerve-wracking, but with a little help from an expert like Melissa, your resume and personal brand can shine. Recommended Post: “How to Build Your Authentic Personal Brand.”
  7. Adventures of the Job Search Ninja: Todd Bavol shares insights into what it takes to find a job through this blog, touching on topics like motivation, networking, resume writing, social media and more. Recommended Post: “Struggling to Identify Your Perfect Career? Find Out What Your Friends Think!
  8. Resume Bear: Gain valuable resume writing skills on this site and read up on a number of other job-related issues. Recommended Post: “20 Things Job Seekers Should Never Tweet About.”

Advisors, Experts, Coaches and Counselors

Hear from the best of the best when it comes to career advice on these blogs.    

  1. My Career Advisor: The American University’s career services professionals offer up their expert advice on all things job-related for soon-to-be and recent grads. Recommended Post: “Managing Stress for Seniors in Transition to Life After College.”
  2. Career Copilot: Recruiter and resume expert Dan Keller shares his expertise on the job hunting process on this blog. Recommended Post: “What is a personal career brand and How do I create one?
  3. Maggie Mistal: New grads can learn about job hunting, work happiness, career strategies and a whole lot more from career consultant Maggie Mistal. Recommended Post: “Tell-tale Signs of Great Employers.”
  4. The Cynical Girl: Laurie, formerly of the blog Punk Rock HR, has a new blog offering up career advice and information about human resources. Even if you’re not considering a career in HR, her blog can be a great place to learn more about what to do and not do to impress those responsible for hiring you. Recommended Post: “Internships: What Do You Think?
  5. Ask a Manager: Have a burning question about the workforce that you just have to have answered? You can ask it here, getting advice and insider information from Alison Green. Recommended Post: “What does a good cover letter look like?
  6. Sklover Working Wisdom: Employment attorney Alan L. Sklover is here to answer all of your questions about conduct in the workplace, sharing some negotiation skills that may help you come out on top. Recommended Post: “Commission and Sales Bonus Plans: Read them or it will cost you.”
  7. Career Hub: Through this blog you’ll get access to career advice from experts, including Louise Fletcher, President of Blue Sky Resumes. Recommended Post: “Wrangle Multiple Interviews With Ease.”
  8. life@work: Heather Mundell, a career coach, offers support for those looking for help in their work, with posts on a variety of topics, including job hunting, networking, time management and career happiness. Recommended Post: “How to Stand Out in a Job Interview.”
  9. Rita Astley, Career Coach: Whether you need motivation, advice or information, you’ll find them on this career professional’s site. While some of the info is geared at an older crowd, even the most novice employees can find something worth reading. Recommended Post: “Hire a career coach to soar past the competition.”
  10. Work Coach Cafe: Visit this blog to read through a great collection of posts on careers, interviews, education and much more. Recommended Post: “7 Career Pros Give Great Advice and Tips for Job Search 2.0!”
  11. Sabino Career Counseling: This blog is full of posts that will help you find a career that works for you and hold onto – and perhaps even excel – in your chosen field. Recommended Post: “Degrees That Employers Want.”


Focusing on new grads, web work, corporate life and other niches, these blogs offer advice tailored to specific needs.    

  1. Penelope Trunk: You may not agree with everything she has to say, but there is no doubt that Trunk’s blog offers some great insights for young professionals when it comes to job hunting. Recommended Post: “Don’t try to dodge the recession with grad school.”
  2. WebWorkerDaily: Modern jobs call for modern tools, and that often means working on the web or even telecommuting. On this blog, you’ll get tips and tools for making the most of web work, whether you work from home or just use the internet at the office. Recommended Post: “The Future of Work Won’t Contain Resumes.”
  3. Life After College: Life after college can be scary as new grads are in unfamiliar territory. Learn to better navigate the post-college waters with help from this blog that touches on work, career and life. Recommended Post: “Promotions: 10 Tips for Moving Up the Corporate Ladder.”
  4. Cube Rules: If your first after-college job will land you smack dab in the middle of a sea of cubicles, you may want to give this blog a read. It offers up advice for making it through the corporate world as well as job hunting, job coaching and more. Recommended Post: “What’s in Your Portfolio?
  5. Gradversity: Created just for new grads, this career advice blog is an excellent resource for any newbie to the working world. Recommended Post: “What Not To Include On Your Resume.”
  6. Career Diva: Female students (and male too) can find inspiration to get the jobs they want on this site with help from columnist Eve Tahmincioglu. Recommended Post: “Does an MBA Give You Biz Cred?
  7. Newly Corporate: Those fresh to the corporate world will enjoy the numerous posts here about office life, happiness and career development. Recommended Post: “5 Ways to Establish Yourself As An Expert.”
  8. Great on the Job: If you’ve already found a job, chances are you want to hang onto it. This blog offers career tips to workers of all ages, helping them become better communicators, teammates and workers. Recommended Post: “The 5 Biggest Communication Mistakes We Make.

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