Honors College Student Spotlight: Allison Fenske

By Madison Ray

The Fall 2019 semester is over, but we still want to give #honorsmavs a spotlight! Allison Fenske, an Interdisciplinary Studies and Construction Management sophomore, is in the #HCSS today. Fenske is from Orcutt, California and is a peer academic leader.

Allison Fenske

MR: What has your experience been like double-majoring in INTS and Construction Management?

AF: It’s given me more [comfort] in my degree. I didn’t quite feel at home in a way in a degree until I was able to create my own. What I want to do in the future is unclear but I know it’s a mixture of construction management, architecture, and sustainability. With INTS I was able to create the sustainability portion of my future which will lead me to architecture.

MR: What are your INTS specializations and why are those fields important to you?

AF: My specializations are Sustainability Engineering and Environmental and Sustainability Studies. I have been drawn to this topic because it’s something I never get tired of learning about and I always want to learn more. It will also enable me to create more positive impacts than negative when I go out into the real world.

MR: What has your experience been like as an Honors student?

AF: In the beginning I wasn’t as involved but this semester I started teaching a UNIV course of Honors students, spending a lot more time in the reading room, and taking advantage of the resources. The Honors College has been a little sanctuary for me at UTA, giving me a special space to study and socialize.

MR: Do you have any goals for the rest of your time as an undergraduate?

AF: Survive mostly. I want to graduate within the four years my scholarship allows and I also want to take some beginning architecture classes, so I’m going to be busy. Basically my goal is to finish my degrees.

MR: What would you like to do after graduation?

AF: I plan on going to graduate school for architecture, not sure where yet, but architecture for sure. Once I get that I want to either work as an environmental consultant or for a design build firm.

MR: How has being a peer academic leader impacted your experience at UTA?

AF: It has connected me to UTA more. It also has pushed me to know as much as possible about my surroundings at UTA which has lead to me being more comfortable being here and so far from home. In addition I’ve gotten more comfortable in front of a class, connected me with my lovely students, and introduced me to my awesome faculty.

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