Honors College Student Spotlight: Dominique Lange

By Madison Ray

The first #HCSS of 2020 is on Dominique Lange, an Interdisciplinary Studies junior! Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Lange is an Honors Advocate as well as an ambassador and historian at the Center for Service Learning. She also works as an administrative assistant in the Office of Admissions.

Dominique Lange

MR: Why did you decide to major in Interdisciplinary Studies?

DL: My decision to become an Interdisciplinary Studies major happened very quickly (almost overnight). I was giving a presentation to prospective honors students at Senior Academic Excellence Day when I discovered that the Honors College houses the INTS program. I had never heard of the program before, but I was immediately convinced that I would benefit as a student.

MR: What are your INTS specializations and why did you choose them?

DL: My INTS specializations are Political Science, Leadership, Law and Legal Studies. I choose these specializations because I was struggling to find a major that combined all the areas of study I wanted to look at. The INTS program has allowed me to take the reigns in my education and determine my educational path that is best for my career.

MR: What has your experience been like as an Honors student so far?

DL: As an Honors student I have been very lucky and blessed to meet people who are just as ambitious as I am. When I am around other Honors advocates and staff, there is not a moment when I am not laughing or smiling. These are the moments that I will cherish as we all go our separate ways to start our careers or go into more schooling.

MR: Do you have any idea what you would like to research for your final capstone project?

DL: I am constantly changing my mind about my capstone project. Whenever I think I am sure about a proposal, I find myself looking at a new subject. However, I am certain that I want my capstone project to center around community and public policy.

MR: What would you like to accomplish during your time as an undergraduate student?

DL: For now, I would like to enjoy my experiences and freedom as [a] student, but I am always looking forward to the future. I am always game for taking advantage of all the opportunities that I am permitted through the connections I have made. Both UTA and Honors College have given me a leg up and an opportunity to separate myself from the pool of students.

MR: Do you have any goals for after graduation? If so, what are they?

DL: After graduation I plan on attending law school. I want to be involved in the process of creating a national conversation around the importance of community leaders and education. I am unsure of where exactly my education will lead me but I know that I am bound to do great things.

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