Modernizing System Administration

If you haven’t heard by now, Luke Kanies Wants to Modernize System Administration. Yes, the puppet master speaks!

We’ve been using Puppet at UT Arlington for the past several years. I had initially looked into using CFEngine for configuration enforcement and change management, but a good friend of mine turned us on to Puppet. Puppet has really transformed the way my administrators think about setting up and maintaining systems. There’s a lot less direct SSH’ing into a system, messing with a configuration file (and hoping that you’ve edited the same file the same way on every system), and adding/starting/restarting the service that uses that configuration file. There’s also a lot more control in how we do things — and just like that, viola, we have a documented change control process!

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  1. Digant C Kasundra August 24, 2009 at 11:40 pm

    Puppet is awesome. And Reductive Labs is one of the best consulting companies I’ve ever worked with. And they just got a bunch of funding.

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