Summer heats up in LINK

“Summertime and the living is easy.” Not so much here in the LINK Lab where the hive is humming with activity! Additions to our staff: Our new postdoc, Throy Campbell, is finishing his second week with us. We are enjoying the opportunity to discuss his research on the future of work […]

Teaching Tip: Using Lecture Tools for Student Reflection

Lecture Tools is a powerful instructional tool for increased student engagement. It is integrated through Blackboard and provides analytics for the instructor. […]

Teaching Tip: Quizzes for Learning

One of the truisms of student learning is that the most learning strategies vary by individual. Some students learn well from visual examples and analogy […]

Teaching Tip: Getting to know your students

The diversity of experiences, conditions and needs that students bring into our classrooms is exciting to consider. Doing a brief survey […]

Postdoc Fellowship in Language Technology and Discourse Analytics Announced

Advances in computing, online interaction, and globalization have produced an explosion in interest in how technology can contribute to improving discourse and advancing interaction […]

Teaching Tip: Open Educational Resources: Affordable, Adaptable, Accessible

Open Educational Resources (OER) are freely accessible online teaching and learning materials. They can be delivered in a variety of formats […]

Teaching Tip: Transformative Learning Experiences through Technology

In so many of our conversations about reaching students, we as educators turn to technology as an obvious medium to connect our learners and educate them in an engaging way. […]

Teaching Tip: Video-Based Microlearning in Blended/Hybrid and Online Courses

The increasing prevalence of mobile device use, online courses, and non-traditional student admissions in higher education provides opportunities to move beyond lecture-based content […]

Teaching Tip: Stepping Outside the Comfort Zone

Over the past year, I have attended many conference sessions and webinars. One of my favorites was via […]

Teaching Tip: Connecting Students to Feedback

Do your students know where to find their assignment feedback? […]

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