The Big 45: How to Make Your Move

In case you haven’t heard, the Texas Legislature has passed a House Bill requiring students to declare a major by 45 credit hours. House Bill 3025 is currently in effect. If you are one of the hundreds of students on the 45 hour list, then there may be a letter of notification sitting in your UTA email inbox right now. Don’t Panic. Being Undeclared is not as scary as it may seem. In fact, as an Undeclared Student, you have an abundance of campus offices just waiting to get their hands on you…to help you. You can opt for one of several Major Exploration methods, visit the Career Center, talk to a Counselor or  sign up with Student Support Services amongst many other options.

Here are some things to think about when choosing a major:

  • The Princeton Review suggests that you “Forget High School” because subjects and teaching methods are different in College.
  • Would you prefer to pursue a major that has a specific career path like Nursing or Engineering or would you prefer to spend your college years learning about a subject that you’re passionate about like Sociology, Criminal Justice or Theatre?
  • Think of all the “core classes” that you have completed so far and what classes you enjoyed or are looking forward to taking.
  • Meeting with an Advisor can help the decision- making process, too. Especially, if you are the type of person that needs to “talk things out.”

Remember that making decisions about your life can be difficult, but not impossible. Whether you think so or not, you have plenty of people at UT Arlington supporting your efforts and ready to give you a helping hand, if you need it. Never forget that the sweetest victories are hard fought, so make your move!

Major Exploration Seminars are offered throughout the semester. Sign up online.

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