University Studies or Interdisciplinary Studies?

Have you heard about  University Studies? It’s one of the newest degree options offered at UT Arlington, and there has been a lot of confusion about what a University Studies is exactly. University Studies is housed in the University College in Ransom Hall and offers a Bachelor of Science degree option. The degree plan is not a traditional degree plan, but it does has some similarities to the Interdisciplinary Studies degrees offered at UTA.

The main similarities include:

  • Both allow students to develop individualized degree plans.
  • Both allow flexibility in course selection to meet degree requirements.
  • Both provide a degree option for students not well-served by a traditional major for whatever reason.
  • Both allow students to make use of transfer hours and hours already earned at UT Arlington.
  • Both require students to complete an application.

Sounds simply enough, right? Well, there are some key distinctions between the two departments and the experience that the programs offer to students. Distinctions include program entrance requirements, GPA requirements, degree focus and use of credit among others. Please refer to the Distinctions between INTS and University Studies guide for specifics.

Do you think you might be a good candidate for University Studies or Interdisciplinary Studies?

  • A typical University Studies candidate would have over 60 credit hours, a variety of credit (both UTA and transfer),  at least a 2.0 GPA, and is ready to graduate. They would choose three areas of content from the approved list: Arts, Business, Community Studies, Engineering, Health and Wellness, Humanities, Media, Physical Sciences and Social Sciences.
  • The ideal Interdisciplinary Studies student is usually a sophomore/junior with an ideal job or career in mind that is not offered as a traditional major at UTA. These students can opt of a BA or BS in Interdisciplinary Studies degree and combine 2-4 areas of study to gain certain knowledge and skills. Students would work with their advisor to develop content areas that are relevant to their goals, take 3 Interdisciplinary core classes and have an opportunity for internship or service learning experience.

Both degrees offer flexibility and independence, but for some students the big question is “What kind of job can I get with this degree?”  Since both degrees require students to choose their own academic adventure, the answer can only be found in the content areas that are selected and the research performed by the student while pursuing the degree. University Studies offers a broad-based education that can prepare you for a variety of career paths, and a Interdisciplinary Studies degree can be as specific as you want to make it. The key element is you, the student.

With that said, do either of these degree options seem interesting to you? If your answer is yes, follow the links below for more information.

To find out more about University Studies, click here.

To find out more about Interdisciplinary Studies, click here.

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