Census and You

Today is Census. Hooray! You’re officially a UTA student for the Spring semester, but it’s important for other reasons, too.

The term Census date refers to the point at which your enrollment is locked for financial aid purposes, and it happens to coincide with the last date you can add or drop classes without a W on your transcript.

Did you know that adds are not permitted after Census?

After late registration through the last date to drop, students must meet with an undergraduate academic advisor to drop a class or fully withdraw from classes. Students should contact the academic advising area of their major department for specific procedures and forms needed for withdrawing or dropping after the Census date. In some cases, the signature of the faculty teaching the course(s) will be required. The student’s academic advisor will process the drop or withdrawal transaction.

From the first official day of class through the last day to drop (March 28), the student cannot drop his or her last class. This must be done by the student’s undergraduate major advisor.

What does Census mean for you? Find out more information on the UTA website.

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