Once Grades Post…

Final grades are set to be official today, December 17. There are many things that are attached to your official grades like academic standing, financial aid status, probation status and, if you’re in the University College, transitioning into a major.

First thing’s first, check your grades. Make sure they are the correct grades…accidents happen. If you notice any discrepancies contact your professor for assistance immediately.

If you are on probation, then you will want to look at several things. You should verify your semester GPA and your cumulative GPA. Review information about Academic Standing online and check out the FAQs, too. Did you meet requirements for continuance? Is dismissal a real possibility? If you have questions, meet with your advisor for information.

Other things to consider:

  • Are you on track for your major?
  • Did you meet the transition criteria (GPA, math progress, credit hours)?
  • Did you complete the necessary prerequisites for future courses?
  • Have you been advised for the upcoming semester?

If you have over 30 credits and a 2.5 GPA, then chances are that you’re able to transition to your major. You will receive an email with contact information for the advisor in your intended area of study. Check your UTA email, and set up an appointment with your new advisor, if applicable.

If you’re still working on a decision for a major, then plan on attending a Major Exploration Seminar during the spring or adding the Major Exploration class in the spring. Contact for more information.


University Advising Center Now Offers Online Chat for Students

Starting this fall, the University Advising Center offers students the opportunity to chat with an advisor online. This convenient service is available for students with general questions like, “When is the last day to drop?”, “What campus resources are available to me?” or “When can I register for classes?”

Advisors are available during normal business hours only. Click Chat with an Advisor to start chatting now.

Please note that Advisors are not available to advise for classes or remove holds on your account via online chat. If you would like to make an appointment click here.


Center for African American Studies (CAAS)

Schnavia Smith Hatcher, PhD is the Director from the new Center for African American Studies (CAAS). The mission and goals of the center are geared toward community outreach, social justice advocacy and life-enhancing transformations. CAAS will offer a minor degree program in African American studies with an introductory class scheduled for Spring 2013.

The Center for African American Studies is currently located in the Social Work Complex, Building B, Room 115. For more information, Dr. Hatcher can be reached at

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