April 10

Promoting Maverick Pride – Mahesh Biyyala

     With campus elections coming up, you are probably looking through the nominees for a familiar face…or a graduate student…or, let’s be honest, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about or that campus elections are even happening right now. As graduate students there is the tendency to become very focused on your academic career, which can keep you pretty isolated from the outside world. And rightfully so! Research, articles, teaching, and grading all top your to-do list and consume most of your free time. While some of us run from extra obligations, Mahesh Biyyala embraces them. Mahesh is currently pursuing his Master’s in Computer Science Engineering, but in addition to his academic responsibilities, he also actively participates in many campus organizations.

     During the Fall 2014 semester he was elected to be a UTA Ambassador. As a UTA Ambassador he participated at different university events such as: MavsMeet Convocation, UTA Night on the Town, Graduation Celebration, Parent and Family Weekend, and Homecoming, just to name a few. As a graduate student, Mahesh is a rarity in this organization, which is one of the reasons he decided to campaign for the position. Mahesh noticed that very few graduate or international students were ambassadors and he wanted to promote campus events/activities that focus on Maverick pride to these students. Mahesh stated that “I am so proud of the UTA Ambassadors because the honor of wearing a custom-made UTA bow tie is bestowed upon only the highly involved student leaders called UTA Ambassadors to show the maverick pride at high profile University events like Maverick Speakers, UTA Job Fair, Commencement Ceremonies etc.”

     As graduate students, life is often busier and being involved in on-campus activities can be difficult, but Mahesh hopes that more graduate students become involved and take advantage of the opportunities that exist on campus. In addition to his involvement with the UTA Ambassadors, Mahesh has been involved in the Leadership Center, Graduate Student Senate, Multicultural Affairs, is an event specialist with the Office of International Education, and recently won The Student Employee Award of Excellence. After graduation, he hopes to pursue a PhD in Leadership and Higher Education Administration to eventually work in Student Affairs. With his active involvement on campus, it should be an easy transition. And of course, you will see him running for campus elections this semester!

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