October 22

College of Engineering and English Department Collaboration

As part of a new experiment in including writing instruction into more courses, the English Department has teamed up with the College of Engineering to include weekly instruction from English GTAs as a regular part of ENGR 1300. The English Department coordinator for the program, Dr. Peggy Kulesz, describes it as follows:

ENGR 1300: Introduction to Engineering
Six Graduate Teaching Assistants from the UTA English Department are part of the first year implementation of a new collaboration with the College of Engineering. Sarah Shelton, Julie McCown, Alison Torres-Ramos, Jennifer Caro-Barnes Miriam Rowntree, and Kaci McCourt were selected to be the first group of instructors for this new course. ENGR 1300 is the result of a partnership between the English Department and the College of Engineering, and it is the first college-wide required course for the College of Engineering. It is based on a problem solving model for the process of applying mathematical principles to solve real-life engineering problems and technical writing assignments. Weekly writing instruction is included as part of class lessons and activities. Writing assignments have been developed to assist students in the basics of written communication, including strategies for improving organization, summarization, close reading, and professional communication. Issues of audience and rhetorical situation inform the way in which students are asked to think about the specific purpose of each writing assignment.”

Both the College of Engineering and the English Department are hopeful that this course will help engineering students improve their writing abilities and therefore their performance both in later engineering courses and their future careers.

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