March 1

GSS Student of the Month – November 2015

Kaci McCourt was the November Student of the Month for the GSS. Here is a brief bio about Kaci!
I am pursuing my PhD in English. After graduation I plan to continue teaching Literature, Communication/Writing, and Rhetoric/Composition at a university. My goal is to be able to teach while doing research in my field of Medieval British Literature. I joined GSS because I believe that having an organization at UTA with a specific goal of helping all graduate students is a vital part of the university community. Being a part of this organization has given me the opportunity to serve on university committees, receive travel awards for presentations and research, and attend professional development workshops and programs. Being a part of the GSS means not only helping myself in my own academic and career goals, but also participating in an organization that will continue to help all present and future graduate students at our university. What I like most about the GSS is the awareness that it has given me of the needs that all graduate students face. Often graduate students can feel disconnected from other departments and colleges in our university, but the GSS is the one organization that can connect and benefit all graduate students. Being able to listen to others, and have my own voice heard, has given me a better appreciation for my university and the amazing opportunities that graduate students have while attending UTA. One of the interesting facts about me was after my 6 days at Disney World I finally achieved my dream of meeting all the Disney princesses!

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