October 18

Campus Involvement as a Graduate Student

Love Kelly

Love Kelly, the author of this article, is a current graduate student in Social Work at UT Arlington.

The stereotype that graduate school is generally seen as a period to be very focused on academics and the days of being involved in student organizations and leadership is over is so far from the truth. As a current graduate student who is more involved in campus life, I want to break the stereotype and encourage graduate students to get more involved in campus life. From my experience I have learned that being involved in a student organization on campus as a graduate student is important because it a great way to meet students outside of your program, it offers leadership opportunities and learning experiences, and opportunities to network with professionals on and off campus.

I understand there are some factors such as having children or a full-time job that could hinder a graduate student from participating in campus activities. However, graduate students who are able can get involved through UT Arlington Mavorgs or by obtaining a sports pass to attend UTA games on campus. Mavorgs helps students find organizations that interest them, find an event on campus, and records your involvement in various organizations.

When I first transferred to UTA as an undergrad I didn’t see the value of being involved on campus. As a commuter student, I always used the excuse of living far from campus as a reason to not be involved. My first campus involvement I was when I decided to be an active member and an officer for the Social Work Constituency Council. I still wasn’t as involved in extracurricular activities and it remained that way until I graduated. As I choose to further my education at UTA, I made the decision to be more involved on campus and I am enjoying every minute of it. I am still a commuter student but compared to when I was an undergraduate student, I work around my school schedule to go to on- and off-campus games, events, and trainings. Personally, it has been very beneficial in helping me develop skills to balance my time between school and my involvements, I have made new friends and met more faculty and staff members, I am more aware of my passion and strengths, and finally I have a much better appreciation of UTA. GET INVOLVED. You’ll be amazed about the difference you can make through your involvement on campus.

About the Author:

Love Kelly is a current graduate student in Social Work at UT Arlington. She is a member and Community Chair for the Social Work Constituency Council, a member of the Student Publications Committee, a member of the Phi Alpha Social Work Honor Society and the Co-Chair for the Graduate Student Senate Outreach Committee.


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