March 7

Health is the Real Wealth

A wise man once said “when in war, pray not for an easy opponent, but for a sharp sword”. Same can be applied to life. One must not hope for an easy life but gather the strength to fight back. The most powerful weapon one can ever have is their mind and body. It’s important to have them function at their best. Being in graduate school, one tends to neglect their health and fitness which is no surprise as once we start getting busy, we want to spend as much time as possible on our academics.

When I was young I used to be a very active child, playful & mischievous, running around all the time. But later when I got into school I had to cut down on my fun and focus more on studies. Still I had put quite some time into athletics and thus I became a good sportsman and maintained a certain level of fitness. But when I got into college that is when things started getting serious. For a whole semester, I never got the chance to step on the field. Later, when I got some free time and started playing basketball I could clearly observe that I had a clear drop in my stamina, and beyond that my mind was not functioning impulsively as it used to, I got less immune and started becoming lazy.

That is when I realized that I am doing something wrong. I started going to the gym and after a few months I started feeling right again. Being experienced both sides of life I can guarantee that no one would want to go back again. I know that people in college would rather spend the hour in a lab studying rather that in a gym. But here is the thing that most people do not understand. By being fit, our mind and body work much more efficiently and we can accomplish a lot more than we normally would. Studies have shown that the brain of an athlete works up to 40% better than an average human being. So, in the end, spending some time on exercise gives the body the capability to be able to work quicker and for longer durations. Hence in the long run we are only saving time with a bonus of great health.

By keeping fit I don’t mean that one must go to the gym every day or spend hours and hours on it. Even small things like walking makes a huge difference. Every time I walk, I try to walk a bit faster and that is a good workout by itself. If I don’t have a lot of time I just go for a run around a few blocks for a couple of minutes. That sure does build up a sweat. I try playing games and sports as any outdoor game is a fun exercise.

Being an athlete, and trying to be fit through my life till date, I can promise that it is an experience that one would live and cherish. A healthy and fit body can make a massive change in life. It is like a habit that makes us better and even today I am surprised by how much I stretch capabilities of my body and by the way it responds. It’s unbelievable what the human body can do with the correct training.  Having experienced the beauty of fitness, I always encourage people to do whatever they can and just take a step towards trying to make life better. The University of Texas at Arlington is doing a great job by offering immense opportunities for the students to indulge in some activity. Let’s try to use them and bring out the better person within us.

About the Author 

Goutam Kolla is a graduate student at the University of Texas at Arlington, pursuing his masters in Industrial Engineering. He has been an active member of the Graduate Student Senate and is currently serving as the Chair of the Outreach Committee.

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