February 2

My Journey So Far as a Graduate Student

Every single stride leads you closer to your destined destination. Perhaps, my first step began by getting admitted to The University of Texas, Arlington. That moment when you realize that all your hardship is being paid off and living my dream life has enthralled me just like every other graduate student who decided to pursue their master’s in the USA. Even though the very thought of getting acquainted to new people with multifaceted culture excited me and UTA being one of the top Universities in promoting diversity, there was this thought in my mind which kept pondering how would it really be?. Things eased up once I started talking to other students who came here before me and a chat with a graduate advisor got my nerves down.

Being 21 years old and entering the second quarter of my life, I was not sure what’s waiting for me in my professional career. Now I am confident, selecting UTA for higher education is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The infrastructure, campus, labs above all THE DIVERSITY. Getting to meet new people, pondering new ideas, collaborating excites me, that’s what I love the most at UTA. Those awesome idea pouring white board session which I have with my classmates, I would defiantly have a serious story to tell.

Keeping mundane college stuffs apart, I would like to share my story of landing at DFW airport to orientation. Long flights, I kept on seeing that flight legend move over the Atlantic like it’s going to take forever. I was that excited to reach this country, and that bored to keep seeing the emptiness in the flight. By the time I landed, all my excitement waned off, I was extremely tired and could not even walk. One thing that specifically saved my life at DFW was a UTA Big Howdy volunteer. She was amazing, showed me around explained the routes, helped me kick start and get the best impression of Texans, and made sure I feel home. My story of travelling to UTA and impressions would be unfair if I miss BIG HOWDY. After arriving at my place, things were so haphazard in my room, I am a cleanliness freak but all I could do was sleep, I was so tired!

Next day, ORIENTATION. Things first ran in my mind, oh I am still recovering from jet lag and there is going to be a boring session. Well this thought vanished, the very second I saw the enthusiasm burning in the faces of the volunteers. They made knowing about UTA very exciting for me, involving me in various ice breaker sessions which allowed me to interact with several people. As days passed the time came to select the courses for the semester. That time made me realize that I had the freedom of choice which allowed me to select any subject of interest in which I wanted to master my skills. The way graduate advisers helped me was commendable. They made this transition very easy for me.

In addition, I was very interested in being a part of a student organization. In my search for finding a suitable student organization for myself I came across graduate student senate. GSS being a part of student governance was doing an excellent job of helping out graduate students to get oriented in their new career path. I was very interested in being a part of such an organization and I am glad that I am able to contribute my ideas into this esteemed organization.

On a final note, I would like to say that everyone has their own experiences being a graduate student. Through this article, I am trying to share my experiences hoping it would help somebody someday.


About the Author:

Prashanthi Sivasubramanian is a graduate student studying in University of Texas at Arlington pursuing her masters in computer science. She has an active interest in connecting with people and sharing her views with them. Currently she is serving as a Co-chain of outreach committee in graduate student senate


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