February 26

A Grad Student at UTA

Graduate school is a very big step in a student’s life. Only the most studious brigade of students enters grad school. But that is sometimes the problem that the students in graduate school are too focused on only the academic part of their schooling. Speaking specifically about the grad school at the University of Texas at Arlington and more so that of the College of engineering, it is mainly comprised of international students.

Why these students miss out on other aspects of college life is that they are predominantly focused on their studies only. The university offers us a host of resources and activities that not only provide us with a route to relaxation but also help us bring out the qualities that we never knew about. College is the best place to bring out our leadership qualities. Student government and the Graduate Student Senate is the best place to do just that. The university has close to 300 student organizations. Whatever is your interest there is a place where you can find like-minded people just like us. Apart from that the university has a state-of-the-art Career Development Centre, with the most qualified professionals to help us plan to land the right job.

The office of graduate studies in particular, needs special acknowledgement. They plan out and arrange numerous seminars which cover a broad range of topics. From tips to make the ideal resume, to planning your career, to self-assessment of your strengths. They leave no stone unturned and no question unanswered. I have been to 3 such seminars and all of them were bang on point.  School and grades are our topmost priority, but we shouldn’t be limited to just that. These places and events don’t just keep us up to date, but are also good to network with our peers. The resources and machinery is available to help us climb the ladder of success, all we need to do is to show up. ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE IS THE KEY.


About the author:

Tarsem Singh Koloti is a Graduate Electrical engineering student at the University of Texas at Arlington. He is interested in the domain of engineering management and is a budding blogger. He also has a blog which goes by the name of “Life in the face of it” at www.life360by360.wordpress.com

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