January 14

Getting Back into the Groove of Things

My name is Anaïs, I’m 35, bisexual, a new social work graduate student and one of the GSS senators representing the school of social work. In 2013 I graduated form UTA with a bachelor’s in film, I was ready to face the world and try my hand in getting job in the Film industry. Who knew it would be so extremely hard to break into the industry and get your start.

Fast forward 5 years, no luck finding a job for my degree stuck in a part time job that no longer brings me happiness, finding it hard to understand my place in life and where my future was headed, getting depressed and lack luster, it all started to become like life was passing me by and I was stuck and fading away. What was I supposed to do now, I had thought about grad school before but I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to do that actually would offer an opportunity for a career.

I thought about the past 5 years and what had been happening in my life, I talked with my mom who has always been a great source of advice for me. She suggested social work, and I remembered the social worker that came to my mother’s hospital room while she recovered from her surgery to remove her stomach cancer. I remembered how kind, informative, and helpful she was, how it made the situation we were going through easier to have someone help you. I looked for programs for social work and I found my former home away from home had one of the top programs around, it was a sign for me, I knew where life was now leading me.

When I got my acceptance letter, and everything started falling into place, life seemed to be getting brighter for me. The new challenge arrived, getting back to being in classes and writing papers. It has not been an easy semester for me, I work 2 jobs and have commitments outside of that, my free time use to spent watching tv/movies or going out to the bars with my friends several nights a week. Now I spend my time figuring out blocks of time I can give to my homework, giving to my school (which I never got to do when I was here before), and making sure I give my self sometime to destress from it all. It’s not at all easy to get back to groove of how school works when you have so much of your life filled with other things that are just as important to you.

As the semester comes to an end, all I can think is I really hope that all my efforts and hard work come through and show in good grades. Getting to continue down this path that if chosen, to not only get to continue to represent the LGBTQ community but also to continue representing all my fellow graduate students and help shape the future for graduate students to come. I wouldn’t change a moment of how I got here, I’ll continue to work on prioritizing and easing back into student mode. It’s like riding bike, even though it’s been a while since you’ve rode one, you never really forget how to balance and peddle your way down the street.


About the author:

Anaïs Pierce got her Bachelors in 2013, currently working on her masters and hoping to persue a PhD right after. She is a dedicated student, full of school pride, and loves to watch movies or spend time with family and friends in her spare time.


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