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Welcome to the new Office of Information Technology website at the University of Texas at Arlington. We are making a departure from our old web presence, and you will notice many variations between this site and our old one. The site will show OIT’s focus on making information about our projects, curated systems and applications more easily accessible and transparent to the campus.

For most of you reading about the changes to our site, the above will be enough to get you started. If, however, you want a deeper dive into our changes, read on.

The sheer undertaking of bringing UTA’s infrastructure and technologies to a state that matches its status as a Tier 1 Research Institute is phenomenal. The OIT department is excited to be a strong partner with those on the campus making the future happen today. The purpose of this site is to give visitors, the information they need to stay informed about the changes and growth we are involved in.

The News section provides updates about upgrades, new tools and even system alerts. These updates will be found in the form of articles and Podcasts. The purpose of that tab is to get you the relevant information you need, and at the same time cut down on the amount of mass emailing that we send to the university as a whole.

Our Support tab quickly connects you with our front-line support teams and Training resources.
A new feature is coming very soon to our site in the form of a live chat window, to connect you with our Help Desk team. Our Knowledge Base (KB) has been updated with revised content pulled from our previous site, and we are adding new content on a regular basis. Support and operational content have been moved into the KB instead of the primary site. This is to help you with self-service; as well as support team resolutions.

The Projects section provides you with overviews of major initiatives that impact various areas of campus. The project index will show smaller endeavors that we are supporting and working on, that are worth learning about. What will be listed in the project index is by no means all of what OIT is working on. Additionally, the Project Management Office offers assistance and project templates for campus users.

The Services section will have overall systems listed as well as featured systems and applications. These pages explain their related application or service, and give you direct access to web applications, KB articles and vendor support information.

Essentially, our site is an ever evolving resource for the University of Texas at Arlington, and we are excited to hear your thoughts and suggestions about it as we grow together.

pierceg • 2019-Jul-16