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With so many applications available to students, faculty, staff and researchers it has become difficult for individuals to know which applications that any of the groups above have access to. In the Office of Information Technology we realize that there are a lot off needs and requirements that our constituents have to make them successful. We are working to make those choices more apparent; as of now we have a fast way to run many of the web versions of applications from one place, MyApps.

To that end, and in an effort to make things more accessible on the fly, we have launched the Microsoft MyApps page at UTA. Anyone at the university may access the MyApps page by going to . The applications that you will find there are web-based and specific to the group viewing them. What this means is that you are licensed to use these web applications as a member of the University of Texas at Arlington family.

By default, this page does not have a lot explanatory text on it. We are looking for ways with Microsoft to add more information to the page, but we felt that its overwhelming useful traits outweighed the vagueness of the page’s purpose.

Thank You,
Your OIT Team  

MyApps Screen Shot


pierceg • 2019-Oct-30