Aug. 28 – Second Launch

The second set of websites moving to the new UTA website were launched early in the morning on Wednesday, August 28.

A number of resources have been prepared to support the UTA campus as our website evolves.

We appreciate the continued feedback and support of our campus community members as it helps us to refine and strengthen our support services in order to best serve the needs of UTA faculty, staff and students as the web modernization project continues to move forward.



UTA is undergoing an overhaul of the design and infrastructure of its website that will provide a unified brand identity and improved user and web manager experience that properly reflects the first-class work and innovations of a comprehensive urban-serving research institution that serves more than 60,000 degree-seeking students. This project was initiated based on feedback from faculty, staff, and students regarding the current version of


UTA has grown rapidly since our former website design was implemented in 2010. To keep pace with the expansion of the University, the website had to expand in response, which has resulted in a splintered visual experience and decreased navigability.

Our website is the most public-facing expression of UTA’s mission, goals, values, quality, and success. The University is positioning itself as the model 21st-Century Urban Research University, and the website must reflect that trajectory.


The web modernization project will move in phases led by University Advancement in partnership with the Office of Information Technology; the first wave will deploy in August 2019. For more information on the project, please take a look at the FAQs and Timeline.

Advanced Technology

The new will deploy the latest in technological advancements through its new enterprise management platform, Sitecore. The platform captures data at every touchpoint and applies machine learning to tailor the website experience for users based on their clicks and searches during previous visits.

Sitecore benefits UTA’s website managers through efficient back-end management that hosts templates to ensure a consistent identity across the web enterprise, while also providing ready-made resources to allow customization that reflects departments’ character and mission.

Vision & Goals

  • Strengthen UTA’s brand identity and recognition as the model 21st-Century Urban Research University.
  • Improve the user experience for the primary audience of prospective students.
  • Elevate efficient accessibility to information and resources through improved content architecture, navigation, and search capabilities.
  • Introduce cohesion and consistency to UTA’s web presence.
  • Define a web governance framework for improved support and maintenance, as well as increased longevity of the modernization.