Research studies mortality of residential shade trees

Dr. Yekang Ko’s article, “Factors affecting long-term mortality of residential shade trees: Evidence from Sacramento, California,” was published in Urban Forestry and Urban Greening. The abstract notes that the researchers “found that higher mortality during the establishment phase was associated with greater number of trees delivered and with planting in low and high net property value properties (compared to those with medium net property value). For the post-establishment phase, trees with small mature size those planted in backyards and those in properties with very unstable homeownership were more likely to die.”

Student accolades

Yannika Lemons, Ph.D. student in Urban Planning and Public Policy, was accepted to the Association for Social Economics 2015 Summer School in Economics.
Nicole Foster, Ph.D. student in Urban Planning and Public Policy, and Nita Clark, Ph.D. student in Public and Urban Administration, were awarded UTA Dissertation fellowships for Summer 2015.
Congratulations to all three!

MPA student selected to be city administrator

Congratulations to Jesica McEachern, a student in our Master of Public Administration program, who will be the city administrator for the City of Bridgeport! She is currently city secretary of Bridgeport and she will start her new position in June. McEachern, who will graduate from the MPA program this semester, says “I owe this promotion in part to the MPA education I received from UTA.”

Student receives conference scholarship

Congratulations to Jennifer Sloan on being awarded a scholarship to attend the National Community Development Association (NCDA) national conference June 23-27 in Arlington. Jennifer is a PhD student in Public and Urban Administration. Student scholarship recipients will attend conference sessions, help support conference logistics and implementation, and participate in networking opportunities.