Dr. Donna Akers named Director of Interdisciplinary Studies Program

by Joanne Lovito-Nelson

Photo by Sara Abraham-Oxford

Dr. Donna Akers joins SUPA as Director of the Interdisciplinary Studies Program (INTS) in the School of Urban and Public Affairs.

Akers research interests include Native American history and studies; Native American Women; Race, Gender, and Ethnicity; Indigenous Peoples of the World; Comparative Colonialism; and Indigenous Decolonization.

She comes to SUPA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where she held an Assistant Professor position. Her experience also includes an Assistant Professorship at Purdue University and Program Director, Native American Studies Program, at California State University-Northridge.

Dr. Ko researches effects of shade trees on building performance in Sacramento

by Joanne Lovito-Nelson

Photo Credit: Sacramento Tree Foundation website

Through a project titled Monitoring and Modeling Tree Growth, Longevity and Performance, Dr. Yekang Ko states she, “will examine the effects of shade trees on building energy performance in Sacramento, CA.”

According to Ko, the prime sponsor of the study is the United States Forest Service.

“Using field surveys and remote sensing technologies,” Ko said she will “conduct time series analysis to document changes in tree survival, growth, and energy performance for a sample of Sacramento shade trees planted by Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) around 254 residences from 1991-1993.”

She goes on to say, “This database will be used with the building energy model to calculate effects of each Sacramento Shade Program tree on respective building energy performance over the 20-year period. The long-term effectiveness of different species and locations will be assessed.”

Ko is a professor in the City and Regional Planning Program in the School of Urban and Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Arlington.

SUPA alumnus conducts spatial analysis workshop

Post and photo by Sara Abraham Oxford

Treviño (pictured left) provides instruction to workshop attendees

Dr. Jesús Treviño, an alumnus of the School of Urban and Public Affairs (SUPA), led a Spatial Analysis Workshop at SUPA earlier this summer. Students, staff and faculty participated in the workshop, which provided an overview of Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis (ESDA), geovisualization and spatial statistics.

Treviño is a professor at the School of Architecture at Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León in Mexico and a member of Mexico’s National System of Researchers. Interestingly, he was the first graduate of the Urban Planning and Public Policy (UPPP) Ph.D. program at SUPA when he earned his degree in 2006.

Recalling his time at SUPA, Treviño said the UPPP program “was a great chance to put together experiences from my twenty years of teaching and research” and utilize his social science background in economics. He added that he especially appreciated the feedback he received from the faculty during his studies.