Arlington woman claims drill rig causes sickness

This item ran on CBS 11 on March 30.

ARLINGTON (CBS 11 News) ― A North Texas woman said that she is a prisoner in her own home because of oil and gas drilling down the street from where she lives. Her home is located on Ray Street and the rig is located at the intersection of Pecan Street and Mitchell Street on the UT-Arlington campus.

A spokesperson for UT-Arlington issued a statement, saying that the school and the drilling company are working to address these concerns, and are committed to finding a solution that is acceptable to all parties.

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7 thoughts on “Arlington woman claims drill rig causes sickness”

  1. I am that woman and the fact that I ignored only adds to the problem which my treating physician of 24 years has documented. The following is one of the emails I sent to President Spaniolo:

    If you do not listen to a person being made ill frequently from the gas drilling what do you expect to happen? Part of me wants to wish you were walking in my shoes and see first hand what I have to go through, but being chemically sensitive is not something I would wish on my worst enemy. Because too many are ignorant of the fact that certain people are like the canary in the mine and they do not listen.

    When experiencing a migraine once too often what would you do if you knew the cause was the odor from drilling? If those migraines interrupts your ability to function in your job how would you cope? If every time you went outside you were playing russian roulette because you did not know if you would be sent into an instant migraine. What if inside your house you felt safe only to have the odor so strong that it came into your house and panic set in that your safe environment has now been violated and if you do not have a safe place your greatest nightmare has occurred.
    This is just a fragment of what I have been experiencing and I hope this will make you think about how your actions have hurt me.
    I have included breif environmental information that will support my claims about
    why disiel makes me ill.
    Think about what you have created for me and hopefully you can understand why this is such a nightmare.

    Environmental and Occupational agencies have this to say:

    More than 40 substances emitted in diesel exhaust are listed as hazardous air pollutants. These pollutants are “likely to be carcinogenic to humans and are shown to be a chronic respiratory hazard to humans.“

    Based on human and animal studies, it is recommended that diesel exhaust be regarded as an occupational carcinogen (causing cancer).

    “Workers exposed to diesel exhaust face the risk of adverse health effects ranging from headaches and nausea to cancer and respiratory disease.”

    Health Effects of Diesel Exhaust

    Exposure to diesel exhaust can have immediate health effects. Diesel exhaust can irritate the eyes, nose, throat and lungs, and it can cause coughs, headaches, lightheadedness and nausea. In studies with human volunteers, diesel exhaust particles made people with allergies more susceptible to the materials to which they are allergic, such as dust and pollen. Exposure to diesel exhaust also causes inflammation in the lungs, which may aggravate chronic respiratory symptoms and increase the frequency or intensity of asthma attacks.

    Sandra K DenBraber

  2. There are so many of us out there that are prisoners to the oil and gas industry. I live in Northern Michigan and there are many sick people from the oil and gas industry especially from an offloading facility of sour gas. The industry and the government just doesn’t care about the people who have to live around these areas. My health has been ruined and I have lost my friends, family and now my husband because of my illnesse-all thanks to the gas and oil industry!! Someone needs to wake up and help us who have been crying for help at least these past 4 years. This is criminal and we shouldn’t have to give up our lives for the sake of money for these industries when they have bankrupted us. While they are getting tax credits from the federal government. Jaime Long

  3. As the previous person states, the problem in northern lower Michigan is being ignored by our State government. I have documented proof that the Director of the Dept. of Environmental Quality lied to our Congressman Bart Stupak when he told him that absolutely NO sour gas was being off-loaded at the facility that I lived near. Through the Freedom of Information Act, I obtained a document that stated sour gas containing upwards of 86,000 thousand ppm is being off-loaded at the facility. The facility is only permitted for loads containing 10 ppm! A friend of mine requested a meeting with our Governor, Jennifer Granholm, three separate times. All three requests went unanswered.

    There are many people in the area that are ill from many different aspects of the oil and gas industry. I know this because whenever we evacuate to an area with no oil and gas activity, our health symptoms miraculously disappear, only to re-appear when we go back to our homes. We are being ignored by our Government and elected officials and this must stop.

  4. At the request of Vice President John Hall, I have omitted a comment posted by Sandra DenBraber on February 4, 2009. The comment concerned an unconfirmed report on alleged Carrizo Oil & Gas activities in Mansfield, TX.

  5. If Spaniolo states in his Sept 2, 2009 letter on gas drilling that there will be drilling to the south and east why are not permits on file with the Texas Railroad Commission for more than 18? If he stated there will be a total of 18 to 21 yet in the fequently asked questions he states 13 more wells Why not be honest up front?
    How much has UTA actually received from drilling $791,000 for signing and more than 3 million from Royalities? What is the correct amount?
    At what cost to our neighborhood? If you state that I am the only one that has complained why has the TCEQ received over 20 complaints? Why is our neighborhood putting on a protest rally Oct 6th, 2009?
    Maybe you should come find out our side of how negatively drilling has impacted our neighborhood.

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