Graduate Transition Forum PowerPoint presenation

Thanks to all who attended the Graduate Transition Forum on March 19, 2014. As promised, here are the slides from the event.

Graduate forum slides

Customer Service for Graduate Students now on 1st floor Davis Hall

Customer service will be provided for graduate prospects in the Prospective Student Center located in 123 Davis Hall, and for graduate applicants at the Admissions, Records, and Registration service counter located in 129 Davis Hall or by calling 817-272-3372.

The Grad Processes and Forms Spreadsheet Updated 04/15/2015 has been updated to clarify which units are now responsible for graduate prospect and applicant customer service. This chart should be used to assist departmental faculty and staff to identify resources and properly direct graduate prospects, applicants and enrolled students to the areas that are providing customer service related to graduate activities.

“Request to Schedule” forms and Committee Change Requests no longer required


The institutional reorganization described in the Transition Overview has given managers of various units the opportunity to carefully review and streamline some of the processes that may now be unnecessary or outdated. The leadership in Admissions, Records, and Registration have determined that several forms that graduate students have historically been required to submit fall into that category.

Procedural change details

Effective October 15, the following forms are no longer required or accepted by ARR:

Request to Schedule the Diagnostic Examination

Request to Schedule the Comprehensive Examination

Request to Schedule the Final Master’s Exam

Request to Schedule the Dissertation Defense

Request to Change Committee Members

Important Considerations

Although ARR will no longer be the central repository for these forms, best practices dictate that standard processes exist within the academic departments to ensure that students and committee members know the final composition of the student’s committee and that the exam/defense date is agreeable to and known by the student and all members of a student’s committee. The academic units may determine how to best structure their internal process for changing committee members and scheduling defenses, however, the above-mentioned forms will remain available for use internally within the academic units and may be scanned and linked to a student’s record in ImageNow if the department wishes to do so.

Thesis and dissertation defense times, dates, and locations must be made available to the public. The standing policy states, “The dissertation defense will be a public oral examination open to all members (faculty, students and invited guests) of the University community.” Please ensure that faculty, students, and invited guests have access to the time, date, and location of the defenses held by students in your department.

Thesis and Dissertation format review now in Library

The thesis and dissertation format review, previously conducted in the Office of Graduate Studies, is now performed by staff in the UTA Library. The submission process is essentially the same and students and faculty will not notice the change for the most part. However, inquiries regarding thesis and dissertation, copyright, publishing, and embargo requests should now be directed to Kristine Witkowski, ETD Coordinator in the Central Library,

New Application for Graduation Process Starting Spring 2014 Graduating Class


The application for graduation is moving into MyMav and will be available to students applying for Spring 2014 graduation (and thereafter), through student self-service in MyMav.  As of September 11, 2013, a link to apply for graduation will appear in eligible students’ Student Center.  Undergraduate students will be considered eligible to apply for graduation with 90 earned hours at the UGRD level, 24 residency hours earned at UT Arlington, and full major status.  Masters students will be considered eligible to apply with 18 graduate hours earned in residency at UT Arlington, and doctoral students are eligible to apply for graduation after they pass the comprehensive exam and submit the results to the Office of Admissions, Records and Registration.

Procedural Change Details

In many ways, this process will not feel much different to you and those in your college/school who work with graduation processing.  Students still will apply through an online process (now in MyMav); you and your staff will still communicate with a Graduation Team member on questions and decisions about candidates; and we will provide you with data regarding your candidates for graduation.  These functions are, in fact, enhanced with the move of the graduation application to MyMav:

  • The student’s application status and communications sent to him/her from this office will be viewable in MyMav, by both you and the student.
  • Likewise, a comment group has been created in MyMav to provide you the same communication level you currently have with the Graduation Team, but now through MyMav and attached to the student’s record.
  • You can run reports in MyMav for your Spring graduation candidates at any time.  The reports are sortable by graduation status, application date range, etc., to help you access the data you need when you need it.
  • More details will be coming on each of these features.

This new process for managing graduation also allows us to expand and standardize the communications that are sent to candidates for graduation.  When a student applies to graduate, the new functionality will kick off a series of communications to the student based on his/her status.  These include:

  • Notification: Eligible for graduation/“You may submit an application for graduation” (Degree Checkout Status: Eligible for Graduation, or EG)
  • Notification: Application Received/”Applied for Graduation” (Degree Checkout Status: Applied, or AG)
  • Notification: Approved pending completion of current work/“Good to Go” (Degree Checkout Status: Approved, or AP)
  • Notification: Pending/“Needs to Finish Pending Work”( Degree Checkout Status: Pending, or PN)
  • Notification: In Review/“We’re Concerned” (Degree Checkout Status: In Review, or IR)
  • Notification: Denied/”Contact your graduation counselor for your status” (Degree Checkout Status: Denied, or DN)
  • Notification: Withdrawn/”Contact your graduation counselor for your status”  (Degree Checkout Status: Withdrawn, or WD)
  • Notification: Conferred/”Degree Awarded” (Degree Checkout Status: Degree Awarded, or AW)

Next Steps

This fall, we will be operating in both the current system for Fall 2013 candidates for graduation, and in MyMav with the delivered graduation application functionality for Spring 2014 applicants.  Fall conferral processing will be business as usual. For Spring 2014 conferral processing, we opened self-service to students on Wednesday, September 11, and notified those eligible that they can apply for graduation.   Please note that these candidates will be strongly encouraged to contact their advisors to make an educated decision about whether they are ready to apply to graduate in May, so you may receive calls or requests for appointments as a result of this letter.  Our office will provide how-to information for the new functionality, but at this time, there is nothing you need to do differently with a Spring 2014 candidate than you have in the past.   Once an eligible student applies to graduate in May 2014, s/he will receive a verification of application.  Until all Fall 2013 candidates have been conferred, only these two communications will be sent to Spring candidates for graduation.

For questions or concerns

The Graduation Team is available by email and phone to assist with both Fall and Spring graduation candidates, as well as answer any questions you have about the new MyMav functionality.  Our office will be contacting you with additional how-to information and to make an appointment with your graduation staff, but please do not hesitate to contact Tammy Shoemaker or the Graduation Team member appropriate to your question in the meantime.

Lisa Rose, formerly of the Graduate School, has joined the Graduation Team in the Office of Admissions, Records and Registration, and is the primary contact for graduate students and graduate advisors.  The Graduation Team is led by Tammy Shoemaker, Assistant Registrar.  Harold Bryant and Belinda Autman serve as graduation counselors for undergraduate students and as the go-to’s for undergraduate advisors and staff who work with graduating students.

Contact information:

Responsibility Graduation Team Member Team Member’s

Email Address

Team Member’s Phone Number
Assistant Registrar with overall responsibility for the Graduation Team Tammy Shoemaker 817-272-0846
Undergraduate Programs in the following:

College of Business Administration;
College of Education and Health Professions;
College of Engineering;
School of Social Work;
University Advising Center

Harold Bryant 817-272-2578
Undergraduate Programs in the following:

School of Architecture; College of Liberal Arts;
College of Nursing;
College of Science;
School of Urban and Public Affairs

Belinda Autman 817-272-2577
Masters and Doctoral Programs in all Schools and Colleges Lisa Rose 817-272-4308

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