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“Expect Good Things”: Podcast on Behavior Management with Tips from Dr. Jon Leffingwell

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In this first podcast of our series for new teachers, Dr. Jon Leffingwell, licensed psychologist and an Associate Professor of Education shares tips on behavior management for new teachers, including creating positive expectations for students.

Stay tuned for upcoming podcasts from Dr. Amber Brown, Dr. Marc Schwartz, Dr. Peggy Semingson, and others!

To our followers of this blog: What do you think about the idea of creating positive expectations? How do you do so in your classroom and what works?

The transcript of this Podcast is below

“Expect Good Things”: Podcast on Behavior Management with Tips from Dr. Jon Leffingwell with Dr. Peggy Semingson

*Views are the perspective of individual faculty members and not necessarily the views of UT Arlington.

It’s Friday October 25 and we are talking to Dr. Jon Leffingwell about behavior management. Dr. Leffingwell can you tell us your title and any tips for new teachers?

Dr. Leffingwell: Yes, I am a licensed psychologist and I am an associate professor at the University of Texas at Arlington. My first tip is to expect good things—in yourself and in your students because this will translate into behaviors that you project to them and that they mirror back. For example, if you expect them to be cooperative and enthusiastic they will because you mirror those behaviors. The other thing I would suggest is that you have a system of behavior management that we teach at the university. It gives you a concrete way to deal with positive and negative behaviors and increase the positive and decrease the negative. But, it’s a system that will help you to not worry about being out of touch or Overrun with-by your students.

Peggy Semingson: Oh, good. Is there anything else, like humor that you want to add.  Tips for teachers?

Dr. Leffingwell: Yes. Laugh at yourself. You make mistakes. I make mistakes.  We all make mistakes. IT’s ok. You go on. The other thing, a tip I have is that every hour of every day someone’s going to frown at you and it’s not because you caused it. It’s because of a headache or because someone didn’t speak to them the way they wanted to or…some other reason. Don’t internalize other people’s behaviors.

Peggy Semingson: That’s good advice for all of us.

Dr. Leffingwell: I hope so.

Peggy Semingson: I like it. Well good, that’s really helpful. Thank you.

Dr. Leffingwell: Thank you.

For a copy of this transcript, click here: Expect Good Things 10_25_13 Podcast Transcript

Stay tuned for future episode of our New Teacher Podcast Series!

-Dr. Peggy Semingson

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October 25, 2013 at 5:24 pm

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  1. I was just put in rememberance of your name this morning and thought I would check in…
    Howie and I are doing well.. We are now in Franklin, NC. Loving life I the smoky mountains. It’s like going camping in the woods, with all the comforts of home and never coming home from vacation.
    Howie is still a workaholic.. But enjoying it more… And I have been able to self diagnose the PTSD dregs. And after all this time, tears have turned into laughter… Please know that Howie and I are doing well.
    Hope life for you gets better with every day… We wish you well.. Thanks for being part of our life. Howie says hi…

    Joanne Carley.. Lemieux

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