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Thriving in your first years of teaching! Open to all new teachers

November 16 Webinar–FREE! Open-Access: ALL are welcome. Topic: Behavior management

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Department of Curriculum and Instruction, UT Arlington
New Teacher Webinar Series
Open-Access: FREE for EVERYONE!

Webinar 3: Saturday, November 16, 2013 1:00-2:15 pm, CST


*Please see attached flyer for more details

Guest speakers: Dr. Diane Galloway and Dr. Jon Leffingwell. Also presenting are Tracy Smith (UTA graduate), Dr. Peggy Semingson, and Dr. Leisa Martin.
The link to join Webinar 3 on 11/16 is here. You can join up to 60 minutes prior to the session: https://elearn.uta.edu/webapps/bb-collaborate-bb_bb60/external.guest.session.launch.event?uid=ce0b074d-1cdd-4ecf-9885-f5d2b1fba3ca

Please stay tuned to New Teacher Events and informational media on the New Teacher Blog! http://blog.uta.edu/utanewteachers/

• Recordings of previous webinars
• PowerPoints of previous webinars
• Podcast series with useful advice for new teachers!
• Post comments on the blog!

Become a better teacher. Get tips. Connect with UTA faculty and other teachers.

Open-Access: This webinar series is FREE and open to EVERYONE. Tell a friend!

Convenience: Join by a mobile device!

There is an option to join by mobile device for your convenience:
• Use the free mobile app “Blackboard Collaborate” to join the session!
• Open the app, then enter the URL to join the session.

Email Peggy Semingson for questions: peggys@uta.edu

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