A Step for all Mankind

by Narendra De

Nothing was the same now that people knew what had happened.
The world stood transfixed, spellbound.
All who watched or heard the news were moved, television and radio were themselves out of this world. Now these wonders of technology would broadcast a message of hope for mankind. His mouth generated a pressure wave, a microphone made a current, a radio made a wave.
Through a quarter million miles of space, physics worked perfectly well — not only for the earth-based receivers but also for the gravity-directed cylinder, a cone and a spider-shaped capsule on ellipsoidal trajectories — for which two heavenly bodies cooperated. They exchanged occupants.
The earth was first to release for departure, the moon accepted three brave men, two of whom were more ambitious. They slowed to land on a surface unchanged for centuries and stepped out with the whole world watching.
One proclaimed his little step on the moon was a leap to the silver shining crescent sometimes full, sometimes invisible.