East Texas’s role in governance of the Web

From Slashdot: Texas Jury Strikes Down Man’s Claim to Own the Interactive Web
From PC World: Eolas Loses in Web Patents Claim Against Google and Others
From Ars Technica: Jury rules that Eolas’s “interactive web” patent is invalid
From Techdirt: The Web Is Saved: East Texas Jury Says Eolas Patents Are Invalid
From Gizmodo: Texas Jury Smacks Down Landmark Shakedown Attempt by
From Wired: Tim Berners-Lee Takes the Stand to Keep the Web Free

Read the comments in Slashdot.  Between the usual irreverent geek comments particular to Slashdot, there is information:  in fact, east Texas has become the venue of choice for patent litigation not because of the reputation for questionable integrity and literacy of judges and juries, but because the area is not backed up with drug cases (although that is disputed by a colleague native to the region, who pointed out that it is a known drug corridor); and in fact, adjudicating intellectual property cases has become a local industry, with lawyers moving into town and juries becoming savvy.  Thus the judge interrupting Sir Timothy Berners-Lee saying, “we’ve got a language problem here” may not have been as provincial as it seemed:  the jury rejected the patent troll’s suit within a few hours.  (Sources substantiating the claims of the Slashdot commenters are being sought.).

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