Award Ceremony


I have been privileged enough to receive a certificate in each class I took in the spring semester. I’ve attached my letter and certificates of outstanding student in korean and translation!

Here are the pictures of my certificates, the certificate for gilt 2 could not be uploaded so i posted a picture of the letter informing me that I received the award:


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Community Translation

1 & 2

The point of this assignment is to talk about how and what I will be translating (part 1). In this National or international community translation project I will also be talking about the experience of translating and going the community of volunteer translators (part 2)

Here are the links to my project:

Part One

Community Translation Project 1

Part Two

Community Translation Project 2

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Advanced Culture Analysis

My Second Major Project

In this essay I focus on the importance of culture. How Korea’s traditional roots are dying and being overtaken by western ones. I try to suggest incorporating traditional culture so that the ideas branch out rather than ideas in.

Here is a preview :

“…Since the sixties, South Korea has been increasing interests from its surrounding neighbors and it’s Global friends. “Hallyu”, is what we name this phenomenon where Korean influences are casted into foreign countries and unfortunately it is more based on the pop culture of Korea rather than it’s traditional roots. The factor that I will be discussing about is the Nation’s pride in the Folk Culture of Korea with the help of both Arirang and Hallyu…”

Here is the link to my advance cultural paper:

advanced cultural paper

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Reflection on Teachers

The Korean teachers of UTA

I’ve been at the University of Texas at Arlington since 2011 but I didn’t start taking Korean until 2012 when my friends introduced me to it. The Korean class was established in 2010, and by the time i enrolled it was already 2 years old. When I asked the Korean teacher permission to join the class, she allowed it. Her name was Jeong Yi Lee. Her husband was a engineer for fritos lays and I loved her especially when she brought snacks to class from her husbands test runs. We were eating the sample test bags before they were being sold in the super markets! I took two semesters of Korean with her and she left due to her husband’s work. Our class became very personal due to the lack of students. The most we had was 7 and the least was 2.

The following semester I didn’t have any Korean classes to enroll in. The Professor, Dr. Allman stayed for only one semester, again the reason was the relocation of her husband’s job.

Dr. Seok Ju Kim is our current Korean teacher. I have lots of confidence in him, because of his tenure track at this school. Finally someone who will be able to establish and grow a Korean program at our University.

Dr. Smith is our GILT professor. Though i expected him to teach us in Korean, I was very surprised to join a class that had 7 languages! Every semester I took GILT we only had a maximum of three students. So I’m very excited to here that there will be 7 students total taking the GILT class next semester! That’s a record!

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Virtual Mock Interview 2

Practice Makes Perfect?

This wasn’t the case for me this time around. I did worse on the assignment than the first time I had to do it. I think it was because I was so overwhelmed by other classes that I tried to rush through this assignment.

Here is the link to my interview stream as well as the results that I received for my assignment:

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*Advance cultural analysis

*Community translation 1 & 2

*Virtual Mock Interview


*Award Ceremony

* Reflection on The Korean Teachers I’ve had

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Translating a Stream

This is Project #1 of this last semester!

Every wonder about what people talk about in Korea? I have dissected through twitter streams to find that out! In business we see people talk about Samsung, Yuna Kim as their public figure, as well as the first female president of South Korea. The goal of this project was to reflect on what and how the citizens of Korea viewed certain things so that they may become improved.

Here is a preview, I have also attached a link to my paper:

“…When you ask a person who isn’t affiliated with the Korean culture, “What do you think about Korea” you may get answers like Kim Jung Il, Samsung, and Yuna Kim. This isn’t far off from the daily controversial topics that native Koreans discuss about…”

Translating a stream

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Mini Assignments

Mini assignment Giant expectations.

These mini assignments are used to summarize what we’ve been learning through. You can view them as our homework assignment or quiz assessments as we overview through the things we’ve learned through research or studying.

I’ve attached some of my mini assignments of this semester. Please take a look and enjoy!:

Mini Assignment 1

Mini Assignment 2

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Semester 3

The final trilogy of GILT

Here we are and it’s finally the last episode of my GILT career. I hope you enjoy seeing my progress or laughing at my mistakes. Once again thank you so much for the interest in my blog!

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My first official translating Job!

Finally some hands on experience!

This semester there’s no GILT class. Like i have mentioned before I will have to wait through a semester before I get to take my final course in GILT! That’s why i was so excited when I heard that Jazzy Group US was recruiting translators for their KPOP concert! The people I translated for are named VIXX, a six member boy band from South Korea who hope to make it world wide. Now that the concert is finished I am able to post some information I had from the concert.

I’ve attached pictures below of my schedule! Feel free to check them out!:

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