Still more to come, but not yet edited

I still have to complete the Y classification, the Y 3 classificaition stems, the Y 4 Congressional, Y 7, and Y 10  Congressional Budget Office. Remember, the material now ends around book stack 62 instead of book stack 75 as originally shelved.

Almost near the end! of the invisible information collection

PR 37.12            Federal Advisory Committees, Annual Report of the President, 1973, 1974 PR 38                    President of the United States Gerald Ford    1974-1977 PR 38.2:              General publications related to the Ford presidency PR 38.8:               Reports and publications of Commissions appointed by President Ford PR 38.8: C33/C33  Report to the President by the Commission […]

More information, from NAS to PR 37.9

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Book Stack 54 North side:  Empty.  This side once had printed copies of NASA Technical Memorandum publications, classification NAS 1.15: .  Microfiche copies of Technical Memorandums are located in a microfiche cabinet in the 2nd floor West Side alcove, NW corner. The NASA Technical Reports Server < > should have copies of all […]

Another section of the invisible government information section

LC 6 Serial and Government Publications Division [A few publications] LC 7 Documents Division [1900-1943] [A few publications] Ask the Documents Librarian about access to volumes of the Monthly Checklist of State   Publications.  The classification number was changed at a later date to LC 27.7: LC 8  Library Buildings and Grounds Superintendent [1897-1922][A few publications] LC […]

More information about invisible information at U T Arlington Library

Ju 6      Supreme Court [ 0 publications ][The United States Reports are reclassified using the Library of Congress classification number stem KF 70 ] Ju 7        Court of Customs and Patent Appeals reported opinions, Court of Claims reported opinions, Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit trade cases [ A very few Court of Claims […]

Another part of the list. I think that there is a size limit per blog entry.

Notes about Book Stack 51 “Book Stack 51” at the U.T. Arlington Library is on the second floor, east side, opposite the water fountain. “Area 51” may still be a mystery area; we hope that “Book Stack 51”  at the University of Texas at Arlington Library becomes familiar to more people.   Please ask the Information […]

Here is the next part of my invisible publications list

I can see that there is a lot of editing work to be done, but to get something out there, I am adding more information here. HE 20.8100                National Institute of Mental Health        1973    3000 HE 20.8200                National Institute on Drug Abuse        1973    1994 HE 20.8300        […]

Invisible Federal Government information in the U T Arlington Library Collection

Last year, I started two Libguides (TM) titled Invisible Federal Government Information, Part I and Part II. The purpose was to give information about what was located inside the numbered book stacks 31 to 75 of our U.S. Government Documents Collection. It had information about agencies and classification numbers, but not down to individual items. […]

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