Today is the day that the U.S. Supreme Court is supposed to issue the Affordable Care Act cases opinion.

We are are about to “live in interesting times.”

Whatever the text of the majority opinion and the dissenting opinions (if any) may be, the result will change the United States forever, and probably the Supreme Court itself.
Back in 1937, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt sent a message to Congress for the Reorganization of the Federal Judiciary. His controversial proposal was not enacted. People with access to the subscription database CQ Researcher Plus Archive can find a story about this in the September 11, 1937 issue, “Reorganization of the Federal Judiciary”.
In 2013, I think that it may be members of Congress who attempt to reorganize the federal judiciary system, starting at the top of the system. There are also legislative appropriation methods and proposed appropriations or non-appropriations that members of Congress or a party could try to use to gain the attention of the Supreme Court.
I really do not know if this would happen, but I think that the polarization of politics in Washington, D.C. has gone up to and beyond the point where it is no longer an improbability. These are only my personal opinions.

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