Five years of lindseyt’s blog, milestone or millstone?

I received a message in cyrillic text (Russian language).  I will use a dictionary to translate the words into English.

At the moment, I know that it refers to my first blog entry, created on August 13, 2007.   Has it really been 5 years?  I thank the WordPress system for transferring more than 20,000 messages directly into a “spam folder”.

I have never been sure if any real human beings read any of my messages.  I have taken the text of many replies and searched for them on other blogs, and frequently find the same message as was sent to me.  I wish that I could remember the exact statement of another internet message poster, but it was something like this:  “The Internet and the World Wide Web have demonstrated that this hypothesis is wrong:

If you take a large group of monkeys, put them in front of typewriter keyboards and let them randomly type away, none of the work of Shakespeare would be eventually found in their typewritten pages.

WhatHAS been proven are the statements in a book by Elaura Niles:  Some writers deserve to starve:  31 Brutal Truths about the Publishing Industry.  Cincinnati, Ohio:  Writers Digest Books, 2005.  ISBN 1582973547

My time, and the time that my employer pays me to work, are better spent helping other people advance their level of knowledge toward award of college degrees, to develop skills in critical thinking, and to do other work that makes our planet and human civilization better because we have lived.

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